When Malaika Arora got mighty impressed with the 'Realizations of a Yogi'

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While Malaika Arora is often in the news for her fitness quest, the dancing diva has now revealed her spiritual side in the latest podcast where she had a deep conversation with AiR-Atman in Ravi, a successful entrepreneur-turned-Yogi, spiritual mentor and a revered author. Conversations ranged from understanding the HAPPY mantra, finding peace and realizing that it is the Soul that lives on as the body ultimately dies. The engaging and inspirational conversation was full of thoughts and ideas that have the potential to change a person's life.

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The celebrity was mighty impressed by the book that AiR had authored- Realizations of a Yogi and it formed an important part of the conversation as well as the mis-en-scene of the podcast. The book "Realizations of a Yogi '' transcends being a mere theoretical book and instead offers a collection of practical experiences aimed at guiding sincere seekers towards the states of Self-Realization and God-Realization. This remarkable book serves as a chronicle of enlightenment, brimming with profound spiritual revelations that are certain to ignite inspiration within those who seek the Divine. stands as the definitive answer, leading them toward that transformative epiphany.

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During the conversation Malaika realized that AiR, Atman in Ravi, embodies a realized Yogi who has been bestowed with Divine grace, attaining enlightenment. With an existence perpetually united with the Divine, he has made the decision to impart his Yogic wisdom to the world. She tried to traverse through life with an understanding of AiR's theory which actually believes that you don't need to renounce the worldly life to be One with the Divine. At the core, everybody needs to embark on their own path to accomplishment, live a life of fulfillment and ascend the ultimate pinnacle of enlightenment. For more on the conversation tune in to Malaika's Instagram and YouTube handles.Malaika Arora impressed with the 'Realizations of a Yogi' (4)
The actress Malaika Arora appeared mighty impressed with the practical approach of Bengaluru-based AiR-Atman in Ravi towards spirituality. For instance, the latter mentioned in the course of the podcast that renouncing material belongings and pleasures was a complete lie, for it was all about channelizing your inner unique self through SOUL – Science of Unique Living. Malaika was completely in agreement when the spiritual mentor mentioned that as a woman, she should not consider herself a princess, rather realize that she is actually a goddess.

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