When music legends Pt.Bickram Ghosh and Hariharan collab –we get multi-moods, mind-blowing ‘Manmarzee’ ! --- by Chaitanya Padukone

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Acclaimed pop, ghazal, classical and playback virtuoso singer Hariharan seemed to be in a euphoric, upbeat mood last night as he literally danced to his own tunes (read variety of songs-tracks from his latest scintillating video-tracks album ‘Manmarzee’ on the Eternal Sounds music label. . These awesome melodies of five diverse genres ( all sung by Hariharan) are composed by multi-talented eminent tabla-maestro Pt. Bickram Ghosh. The first clap-worthy romantic Qawwali video track was released on the occasion of Valentine’s Night at the exotic resto-bar Bora Bora owned by the dynamic unassuming restaurateur Krishna Tamang. .

Manmarzee--Hariharan family

The first of its offerings is masterpiece album Manmarzee that brings together the titans of music the legendary Hariharan on the vocals and the Star Czar of Rhythm Pt. Bickram Ghosh as composer. Focusing on the magic interlocking of mesmerizing vocals with live acoustic instrumentation, the duo live up to the album name and have defied the conventional norms in the sounds and visuals. Enthuses Hariharan, “ Expect the unexpected mood-surfing variety of five tracks.—my fans and music lovers will freak out on all my contrast variety of youthful voice songs and each of the vibrant visuals. It’s my first-ever qawaali . ‘Nasha Teri’, is not a sufi qawwali, but a very melodic romantic Qawwali with authentic acoustic arrangements. I really enjoyed recording it. Then there is the blues song Husn in an alluring yet foot-tapping zone . In this track ‘Dariya’, where you get different kind of Sufi. vibes and the feel of the flowing waters. While in track Ajnabee, it’s a sweet moonlight which transports you to the Raj Kapoor romantic era.

manmarzee--Madhur B with Bickram, Suchitra & Gaurang

Besides Hariharan’s family members including his revered mother Alamelu, , wife Lalitha, talented sons Akshay and Karan and daughter-in-law Amrita, the turn-out of celeb guests from music-biz and showbiz included Madhur Bhandarkar, Leslee Lewis, Kavya Jones, Suchitra Krishnamoorthy, Richa Sharma, Pratibha Singh-Baghel, Shilpa Rao, model Brinda Parekh and many others.

Manmarzee-04 Hariharan with Bickram and Gaurang

Explaining the rationale behind the unusual yet amazingly catchy title ‘Mammarzee’, Pt Bickram Ghosh justifies, “ When eminent musicians decide to collaborate, normally there is always this nagging market pressure of yeh nahi chalta hai or sirf yeh hee genre zaroor daudega,. So God-gifted super-talented Hariharan-jee and I decided to defy all that and decide that ‘apna dil jo chahta hai, hum wohi karenge’ . That’s how the variety-moods album ‘Manmarzee’ with a fusion of traditional and modern orchestral arrangements, has turned out so versatile. From Qawwali to blues, romantic geet to sufiyana and fusion—let the listener pick up his or her favourite. Two years ago Hariharan and I have collaborated on the geet-genre titled ‘Ishq’, “ shares Bickram-da


"When two virtuosos come together, sparks are bound to fly, and this spark is contagious. This spark is sure to set the stage a fire with its domino effect", elaborates National Award Winning Filmmaker Gaurang Jalan. Gaurang Jalan is one of the four partners of Eternal Sounds.

Eternal Sounds is helmed by financial market guru Utsav Parekh, industrialist Mayank Jalan, music maestro Bickram Ghosh, and besides Gaurang Jalan. All four partners are lovers of music and have a strong desire to see the resurgence of quality music in India.

Coming back to the album, Manmarzee's soundscape is avant-grade and uses eastern and western strains and instruments in an exciting mix, Beautiful lyrics by Rajiv Pandey and Sutapa Basu adorn this album.

Manmarzee --Pt Bickram G, Pratibha Singh, Richa Sharma with Hariharan

In an era where people often lament the loss of melody, Manmarzee is like a breath of fresh air where beautiful melodies blend with attractive rhythms. Yours to listen to the track and keep those comments coming!

PDL is the streaming partner of Eternal.Sounds for Manmarzee. Says Prashant Dogra, CEO, PDL, "we are delighted with our association with Eternal Sounds and the songs of Manmarzee will be at an interval of 3 weeks each."

Manmarzee --Suchitra K with Chaitanya P and Hariharan

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