"Where There Will Be Actors, There Will Be Controversy"- Kunal Pant

Kunal Pant Talks To Jyothi Venkatesh On Bcl Since how many years you are playing BCL?  I have been playing BCL since its inception when

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Kunal Pant Talks To Jyothi Venkatesh On Bcl 

Since how many years you are playing BCL?

I have been playing BCL since its inception when it was a cute little infant. Now, it’s all grown up into a giant, shouting loud, with its presence in the television circuit with over 150 plus actors playing this league every year.

Which position you will play -all rounder? Bowler, Batsman?

I have played as an all-rounder, opening batsman and a fast bowler. Last year, I was the captain of Ahmedabad team and this year I am leading the Bengaluru Warriors team as a wicket keeper, opening batsman. So I have explored all possibilities as a cricketer in a team in BCL in all these years.

Do you watch cricket matches as well?

Yes, I do watch play and critically analyse all the matches. Any type of cricket match actually. You can call me a cricket-fanatic.

Which is your favorite Test matches, One day or T 20 matches?

Test matches because it tests your true skills as a cricketer

This year Cricket World Cup is also coming what are the chances of India this time?

India is a strong team but it all depends on how the combination of the team is working that particular day. Right now, my whole concentration is on my team winning the BCL trophy.

How you are preparing for BCL?

We prepare for BCL by spending more and more time together as a team, we practice and practice. All sweat, happiness and togetherness that we share will always reflect in our games of Bengaluru Warriors.

BCL is a perfect combination of glamour and entertainment what is your take on that.

BCL is a sports reality show, where boys and girls come together to follow one religion, which is the one common religion of the country that is cricket. When so many actors play cricket, they are bound to attract attention in the form of glamour, entertainment, competition and fight for glory.

BCL is famous for controversies. What is your take on that?

Where there is an actor, there will be controversies and when there will be 150 plus television celebrity actors, there will a bombardment of controversies and full-on entertainment.

The youth loved BCL last year on MTV. The youth audiences loved it. Comment.

Youth loves anything which is real and entertaining and BCL is all about real actors playing real entertaining cricket

What are your expectations from BCL this year?

My expectations from BCL this year is to hand over the winning trophy to Bengaluru Warriors. The true deserving team which we will prove by our game in every match.

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