Who is the reason behind Reem Shaikh’s adorable smile?

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Reem Shaikh

Zee TV’s popular fiction show Tujhse Hai Raabta has been an audience favourite due to its intriguing plot and fantastic portrayal of Kalyani (played by Reem Shaikh) and Malhar (played by Sehban Azim). The storyline kept the viewers intrigued as the show took a 5-year leap after Malhar shot Kalyani.

Reem and Curie-3

With Malhar's world turning upside down and Kalyani returning as an IAS officer only to find the love of his life married to someone else, the story has been high on drama since then. In the upcoming episodes of the show, Kalyani will try her best to find out whether Moksh ( Malhar & Sampada’s son) is alive or not. The story will intricately take us through the emotions and struggles on Kalyani to find the truth.

With the storyline being so serious off lately, the environment on set during shoots is bound to be emotionally draining, intense and stressful for the actors. But fortunately audience’s favourite Kalyani and Malhar were seen having a fun time on set as a cute little puppy ‘Madame Curie’ has been paying them a visit who makes them smile.

Reem and Curie

This ‘Shih Tzu’ has clearly won the hearts of everyone on set and Kal-Ma fans on Instagram as well. Happy and fun moments of with the pup was captured by the lead pair of Tujhse Hai Raabta Reem Sheikh and Sehban Azim and shared across their social media handles where both of them just cannot get enough of the cutest little pug of B-Town.

Reem and Curie

Reem Sheikh shared, “Curie has been a constant source of spreading joy on set for us since a while now. She just turned 1 year old and is one of my very close friend’s pet who is kind enough for getting her on set. Recently we’ve been having her more often due to the high intensity sequences that we are shooting, and Curie helps us all smile a lot and help release all the stress from the shoot.

Even some of the members from the cast who are scared of dogs have formed a sweet bond with her. Well as I must say, no matter how you are feeling, a little pup is always going to love you no matter what hence I even take her home at times.”

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