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Why Ankit Mohan’s Surprise Plan For Wife Ruchi On Their 4th Anniversary Is Extra Special 

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Ankit Mohan, who plays the role of Ansh in Haiwan: The Monster, has won over the audience with his stellar performance and impressive personality. To keep up with the show and juggling between his other professional commitments, he has been working non-stop, so much so that, he has not been able to spend a lot of time with his family. But on the occasion of his 4th anniversary, he took mini-break and planned something very special for his beautiful wife Ruchi (Disha from Kumkum Bhagya).

Ankit and Ruchi are spent some quality time on their anniversary. While they didn’t get to go on a vacation, Ankit booked a resort in Mumbai itself to relax and celebrate the day with his ladylove. But that’s not it! He also asked the hotel to get their room decorated and bought some wonderful gifts for Ruchi.

Talking about the surprise, an excited Ankit revealed, “I have been busy shooting for Haiwan and a few other projects at the same time. Hence, my schedule is packed. But I requested my team to give me a small break so that I can spend time with Ruchi on our wedding anniversary. My team is very understanding and hence, they finished shooting my scenes quickly. With some free time in my hand finally, I booked a place and asked the people to decorate the room and manage a beautiful flower arrangement. With the crazy schedule that I had, I looked forward to having some quality time with Mrs Mohan. We have completed 4 years of togetherness on 2nd December, 2019 and I am glad she loved the surprise, her reaction was priceless.”

Well, here’s wishing the adorable couple a very happy wedding Anniversary! 

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