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Why Avinash Mishra Doesn’t Want To Get Inked!

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Jyothi Venkatesh

While a lot of actors consider tattoos as a style statement, Avinash Mishra is one actor who begs to differ. Avinash Mishra who’s Instagram pictures are a craze, doesn’t want to get a tattoo done to prove anything be it a spiritual belief or showing love for a loved one. Avinash Mishra is currently playing the role of Shantanu Mazumdar in Yeh Teri Galliyaan opposite Vrushika Mehta.Ask him why, he says,” That’s because I don’t like tattoos. Sometimes it’s a disadvantage for an actor because the requirements are no tattoos on the body. And I am really keen to do some mythological and period show where I could play a fighter. I want to do all those horse riding and stunts and particularly in that kind of shows tattoos are not entertained.” We must say Avinash is quite different from his fraternity.

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