Why award-winning  glam actress-model Rupali Suri still believes in the ‘magic of love-at-first-sight’ ? — by Chaitanya  Padukone                    

Rupali Suri with Vikram Gokhale in a film scene (1)

With her charismatic stunning looks,  award-winning glam actress-model  Rupali Suri , is the centre of  attraction ( or is distraction ?) at social  parties and filmy awards  events.  The first time I connected with versatile Rupali  was some years ago, when she was confidently hosting-anchoring  the Mukkti Cultural Hub inaugural cultural event convened by the dynamic film-producer and  cultural crusader-social activist  Madame  Smita Thackeray. Where none other than mega-star Amitabh Bachchan was the mascot chief guest  and as the live show-anchor Rupali was for a while, on stage with him.

Recalls oomph-girl Rupali, “ It’ s every actor’s dream to work with  Amitabh-Sir  because  he is an inspiration- institution . Consider myself  lucky that I could share the stage with him. Heard that recently he was badly hurt during an action scene shoot. Wish him speedy recovery,”  says Rupali who had the opportunity to work with  revered stalwart  ‘late’ senior actor Vikram Gokhale ( he was also the  President of the Cine & TV Artistes Association—CINTAA ).

Jogging into memory lane,  Rupali reveals. “ Immortal  legend Vikram Gokhale-Sir  is on-screen always a  powerhouse of talent, The last film I shot with Vikram-Sir was titled  ‘Organic Dosti’.  It’s an engaging short-film story  of an old man and a  young girl  and their discovery of friendship which is pure and organic .For me he was, and  continues to be  a iconic mentor who will always live through his words and work. Actors  like him teach you lessons in humility, in the art of without holding back and in looking beyond your age and gender and make you their pupil unselfishly  I will always be his student and he my Guru, “ shares ‘Miss India Tourism’  beauty-queen Rupali.

Rupali Suri

Continues the articulate Suri , “ Again I feel I was fortunate, that highly acclaimed advertising-guru and theatre-drama guru Bharat Dabholkar was one of the judges at the beauty-contest and  I could get my acting skills honed under his amazing guidance.”


The ravishing Rupali who recently won two separate prestigious awards. including  the  MEGA Foundation Awards and The Mid-Day Powerful Woman Award  reacted to her  being honoured..  “ As the citation says  “Mid-Day Powerful Woman Award”  , it defines me and my steady growth as a woman and a go-getter.  There is much more to a woman than her sexuality. A woman’s real power is in her wanting to soar the skies. When a woman is at her powerful best, the world follows. That is the power of self- belief,” insists Rupali who has also acted in international award-winning films like ‘Dad, Hold My Hand’.

“ Each film took me further towards my dream. Currently, I am negotiating a few projects. Once they are  formally finalized, I  will then speak about them,” assures Suri  who has two hidden passion-talents as well.”

Rupali Suri with Vikram Gokhale--02

Reveals  the  shapely actress-model ,” Another love of mine is dancing. I am a Kathak exponent -vishaarad ( Banaras gharana ) trained under  my Guru Rajendra Chaturvedi.  My Kathak dancing practice  helps me focus,  enhance my agile footwork, and enables me to explore the Indian-ness within me. I love gym-ing and pole-dancing for fitness and  few other outdoor fun-games If you can lie horizontal on a pole without holding on with your hand, then you are fit, ”  enthuses fearless and adventurous Rupali who has a secret ‘crush’ on Hollywood star-hero  Hugh Jackman, firmly believes that “it’s the eyes which have all the sensuality’.

Does the tall, vivacious Rupali still believe  in ‘love-at-first-sight’, where most girls, these days tend  to have a ‘super-practical’ attitude ?  Wearing a facial blush, she  responds, “ First sight love is the most pure form of love  I totally believe in its magic . Love is why all the other emotion harbour upon . Isn’t love the most beautiful n powerful feeling,  out of all the emotions .Love is diving in and coming out as a new person…….a new you !”,   she signs off