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Why Did Adnan Khan Have To Break His Room’s Door In Zee Tv’s Ishq Subhan Allah


Jyothi Venkatesh

Ever since its launch, Zee TV’s popular fiction show, Ishq Subhan Allah, has been grabbing audience attention with its differentiated storyline and unpredictable twists and turns in its plot. Recently, viewers witnessed Kabir (played by Adnan Khan) taking full responsibility of the kids that Zara (played by Tunisha Sharma) and he had rescued from being trafficked. But there was something that transpired on the sets of the show that you absolutely need to know!Adnan recently got locked in his room on the sets of the show and since no one was available to open the door for him, he ended up breaking it. In fact, as soon as he came out, he went to check the CCTV cameras to know who locked him inside his room. It turned out to be his co-actor Monika Khanna, who plays the role of Zeenat. Apparently, she saw Adnan’s room was open and no one was inside and hence, she locked it. But all along, Adnan was in the washroom.

Why Did Adnan Khan Have To Break His Room's Door In Zee Tv’s Ishq Subhan Allah

Talking about the incident, Adnan Khan revealed, “I had gone to the washroom inside my room and in the meantime, Monika came, opened my room’s door and since she didn’t see anyone in the room, she locked my room from outside. That’s how I got locked in. Everyone was shooting, so I could not reach out to anyone and after waiting for a long time, I had no other option but to break the door. I was really tired and angry, so I broke it. Later on, I ended up going to check the CCTV cameras to know who locked my room because obviously I was really agitated at the moment. After checking the CCTV camera I got to know that it was Monika Khanna, our darling Monzo, who locked me from outside. When I went up to her she made a puppy face and we both just laughed it out.”  Well, we hope that Adnan gets his door fixed and doesn’t get locked in like this again!

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