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Why don’t the Bollywood Stars come forward to create awareness?


Bollywood city Mumbai on the brink of ‘ Corona explosion ‘ !
Why don’t the Bollywood Stars come forward to create awareness and spread the message for free?
Sharad Rai

Enough is enough! The sirens are ringing! It seems that the Bollywood city Mumbai is about to explode with a dynamite bomb of ‘Corona’. If we see the graphs, Mumbai has crossed the Danger Level. Corona ‘s deadly second wave has come with a full force. Government has ordered that no Corona related news is allowed to be printed without government permission.

According to announced figures, 70% cases in the country are from Maharashtra, out of which 50% are from Mumbai. 30% cases are from the film industry – Bollywood. Is Bollywood not surprised with these figures? Till how long will they keep sitting quietly in their luxurious homes with no comment on the rising cases, especially in Mumbai? When will they come to help the public?

People say that the Bollywood Stars are the heartbeat of the country. When they do election campaigning, they go to great heights and always win. They beat records when they raise Funds for elections. But now when disaster has struck on them and on their audience, why don’t they come forward to spread the message to be careful of Covid -19?

When they used to appeal their audience and voice their support for election and for soldiers protecting at the borders, then why don’t they now voice their concerns and support for Corona Safety measures? Why not show support by holding awareness camps, broadcast speeches on the radio or make videos about how to be safe and protect yourselves from Corona ?

We want to remind the stars that they belong to their Audience, and the love of their Audience makes them a celebrity. The audience only gives them a voice which they should now use for the welfare of their fans.

In 51 Days, 91000 people have been infected by the Virus. The Virus does not know who is from Bollywood and who is not, who is an Auto driver and who is not.

In a day, 5 thousand people are infected just from Bollywood City. When the work has just restarted now, the second wave of Corona will hinder the amazing progress and efforts of all the hardworking people. The film industry’s small employees who had no work last year due to Corona, who have somehow made it through a difficult year and have come out alive, will become helpless again. Who do they turn to? The Gods of Bollywood !

Do the Movie stars or star singers not have their moral responsibility to their audience and to their country? Sonu Sood alone is an amazing example found in a large pool of celebrities, whose position among the stars may not be so high up in the ladder, but has put in his money and efforts for the people. He has not just used the government’s money to advertise and for his personal gain.

Incidentally, remember that Akshay Kumar in a Corona – related advertisement “Protection against COVID-19 with 2 spoons of Chyawanprash daily” took millions of rupees for this Advertisement.
Big B Amitabh Bachchan took money for his recorded message on mobile phones on Corona Safety, which was later removed because of complaints

A video of “Namami, Namami Gange” (Nirmal Ganga) – a song about the Ganges River is also notable. Famous singers – Kailash Kher, Suresh Wadekar, Shaan and Anoop Jalota. Along with singing the song they are also appearing in the video. But, do these singers ever think of composing songs or videos for corona-victims?

The Ganga River has its own importance. But are Corona-warriors not as important as the Ganga River or eating Chyawanprash?

Besides Sonu Sood, all the Stars are ready to do any Advertisement for money. Can’t these Stars spread awareness messages just for social work and not for money? Even the singers we see and who’s voices we hear on TV every day, when will they join in the awareness campaigns against Corona? When will these singers release a song or video related to safety from Corona?

We would like our beloved Bollywood industry to raise awareness against Corona for free. Their audience and the general public have helped them to raise an empire, it is now their duty to help their people. They should not wait for their sponsors to approach them. It is the time to take a step forward themselves. This is the time to DO OR DIE.

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