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Why Has Rajesh Kumar Put On Weight!


Jyothi Venkatesh

If you have been wondering why Rajesh Kumar has been looking plump, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s all part of his look for a show. The actor, who is part of Maharaj ki Jai Ho, has put on about 20 kg for the character. Character mein wajan lane ke liye kai baar aapko wajan badhana padta hai! My character is too lazy. Chubbiness makes you look cute, so whatever you say and do look funny, which is how my role is. This role came to me after so many years of amazing writing. As it is a finite series lot of effort has gone into making it, gaining weight was one of the efforts,” says Rajesh, who rose to fame for his role of Rosesh in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai.Ask him how he ended up putting on so much, and he says, “I am almost 104kgs right now. To gain weight I did nothing and that’s the reason I gained weight. I avoided eating junk food to gain weight but I stopped working out and I was just on 4-course meal. I ate homemade food and gained weight.”

Ask him how he intends to lose weight, and he says, “I am already in the process of losing. I have given myself 2-3 months because it has to be a slow process. We do not get results overnight. All my life I have played so much, I was a national-level basketball player. I know my metabolism. The process has started. I am keeping an eye on it and enjoying every bit of it.  I am trying to be injury-free.”His family was quite surprised at the weight gain initially. “In the beginning, they were so worried that I had gained so much weight. But later, when they got to know that I am doing it for a show, it was okay. I am sure it will take lot of time to reduce weight,” he says.

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