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Why has Rajesh opted for an early retirement? Find out on Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya


A fantastic mix of drama, entertainment and a slice of life narrative, Sony SAB’s ‘Wagle ki Duniya’ makes for the perfect family time binge show.

The upcoming episodes will serve as a food for thought for the viewers when Rajesh decides to opt for a voluntary retirement from a job that he has spent most of his professional life in.

It all begins with Rajesh’s Anna who tells him that he has taken an early retirement and is spending his days happily. Rajesh is instigated by this, and it plays on his mind to do the same.

A heated episode at office with his boss Harry serves as the last straw and Rajesh resigns. When Rajesh informs his family about this, they seem disappointed but support his decision and Rajesh in turn assures them that he will manage the finances somehow.

But things do not go as planned, bills pile up and Rajesh finds himself struggling to make ends meet.

He notices Sakhi and Atharva trying to cut corners in the best way they can. Next morning Srinivas is all dressed up to go to work, and Rajesh cannot help but feel extremely regretful of his decision.

What will happen next? Will the financial turmoil drown Rajesh completely or will he try to get his job back?

Sumeet Raghvan who essays the role of Rajesh shares “A well paid secured job is important for many however, sometimes with all the stress and tension we tend to take this for granted.

Rajesh quits his job without any prior planning or discussion with his family who are dependent on him. Many times we find ourselves having the same thoughts about our jobs, but we fail to realise the larger impact of impulsive decisions taken. I am hopeful that this episode will be an eyeopener to viewers I hope our message resonates with them.”

Tune into Wagle Ki Duniya from Monday to Saturday at 9:00 PM only on Sony SAB

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