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Why Is Gayatri In A Dilemma On Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi?


Sony SAB’s latest show ‘Bhakharwadi’, is gaining immense popularity among its audience. This light hearted comedy show features Deven Bhojani as Anna, the head of Gokhale family and Paresh Ganatra as Mahendra Thakkar, the head of Thakkar family, both of them competing each other in Bhakharwadi business and a lot more.

As the show continues to leave the audiences bursting with laughter, things have been a little tense with the Gokhale and the Thakkar families. Gayatri Snacks has been attracting a lot of young customers lately whereas Anna is furious after learning that Gokhale Bandhu’s bhakharwadis have been returned. Keshav quickly takes this opportunity to convince Anna to keep more varieties of snacks in their shop. On the other hand, while Anna is bent on Abhishek marrying a perfect ‘Konkanasth Brahmin’ and has requested Gayatri (Akshita Mudgal) to convince him for his marriage with Prajakta, Gayatri is struggling to come to terms with her own feelings for Abhishek (Akshay Kelkar). Gayatri is now faced with a difficult choice to make – should she give in to her feelings or should she think about Abhishek’s future and Anna’s wishes?

What choice will Gayatri make? Will she express her feelings for Abhishek or let him go?

Akshita Mudgal, essaying the role of Gayatri said, “Gayatri is really struggling to make a choice between her feelings for Abhishek and honoring Anna’s wishes. It will be interesting for the viewers to watch what choice she makes. I’m enjoying playing Gayatri’s role which has so many interesting shades and I’m overwhelmed with the love our show is receiving.”

To know more, keep watching Bhakharwadi every Monday-Friday at 8 PM only on Sony SAB.

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