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Why is ‘hottie’ actress Dhruvee Haldankar hosting a candid filmy audio-show as ‘Tara Bhatt’ ?


During previous year 2020, glam actress-model-anchor-Radio Jockey-motivational speaker Dhruvee Haldankar had earned the tag of ‘female telly Mogambo’ ! – Chaitanya Padukone

It was for her deadly dramatic evil-princess role of ‘Surasayee’ in this popular Sony TV mytho-daily show ‘Vignaharta Ganesha’.

From striking glam-mom roles in finite telly-comedies like ‘My Name Ijj Lakhan’ or in pivotal roles in TV crime-thrillers like ‘Crime Patrol’, adventure-freak Haldankar has always excelled in all her contrasting screen-characters.

‘Groovy Dhruvee’ who loves to strum the electric guitar, crazily loves animals and pets ( especially furry cats) .

The vivacious daring Dhruvee is now back, in her reinvented new avataar as the ‘dramatic audio- narrator’, but with an assumed pseudonym. In an exclusive chat with me, outspoken Dhruvee discloses all about her new candid audio-overture called ‘Filmy Daldal’

Tell us how did this new audio show ‘Filmy Daldal’ happen ?

Like so many others who recognized their ‘hidden talents’ during the Covid-19 lock-down, I did re-discover mine too.

Being part of the film and TV industry and sitting at home, I would often think of all that an Actor (or an Actress) goes through to get good roles and make a name in the entertainment industry.

Thus I concluded, that this was the perfect time to revive my past experience when I hosted a radio show as an RJ .

But this time I decided to host as a narrator, an audio show ( ‘Filmy Daldal’– a blend of kuchh khatti—kuchh meetthi) dedicated to Actors.

Please continue……

Since I was and continue to be a good storyteller, in ‘Filmy Daldal’, I chose to pen down stories that are inspired by true events, yet woven around every day incidents-experiences that are part of actors professional lives.

The struggles they face, the hoops they jump, or subtle jibes or discreet ‘advances’, they may have to evade while bagging roles and doing their jobs.

The long incessant hours under makeup and harsh lights, the non-stop sessions of memorizing dialogues-line.

Also adding perfect diction and emotions and all those good silver- lining moments when they get acclaimed, adulated and awarded for their creative abilities!

But then, that’s not Dhruvee speaking….?

That’s right. In ‘Filmy Daldal’ , I voice a dramatic narrative, speaking as ‘Tara Bhatt’ (a nom de plume—an assumed name ) who is a fictional actress by profession.

The reason I chose the name Tara Bhatt because ‘Tara’ means a star which is also the meaning of my name Dhruvee and the last name ‘Bhatt’ as it is quite often controversial A creative artiste by hobby, a traditionalist by culture, a purist by intention, and a brave-heart by life experiences.

Mumbai beckoned her, gave her fame-acclaim, fans and money— but also became her swamp-quagmire.

I wrote about what goes behind the silver screens and how a determined girl rode and still rides all tidal waves.

On which platform/s is this show being showcased ?

People are already hooked on to ten episodes of ‘Filmy Daldal’ on the audio platform ‘Sochcast’ with its far-reaching network. My show is also expected to be on ‘Spotify’ and ‘gaana’, sometime during next month.

Will you return to ‘acting’ in the near future ?

Of course, definitely ! Acting’ is always my prime passion-love. Currently, am enjoying writing , narrating and voicing currently.

Am looking at working shortly with producer Abhimanyu Singh’s Contiloe again for his upcoming mythology show.

Am also in talks with producer Ninad Vaidya’s production house Dashami Creations for their new upcoming show and hope to resume acting-work soon.

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