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Why is Rajeev not happy about Janhvi’s pregnancy?


It’s a moment of celebration in the Bansal household as Janhvi (Shweta Gulati) is expecting her third child, but things are not as easy as it sounds. Sony SAB’s Tera Yaar Hoon Main will witness a twist as Janhvi’s pregnancy evokes mixed responses in the Bansal household, especially from her husband, Rajeev (Ssudeep Sahir). The upcoming episodes are filled with happiness while also entertaining them with some rib-tickling turn of events.

After learning about Janhvi’s pregnancy, Rajeev is worried about the reaction he might receive from Rishabh (Ansh Sinha) and Trishala (Neeharika Roy). Rajeev’s emotions keeps swinging from happiness to a state of worry as he starts getting anxious about Rishabh’s reaction to this news. To everyone’s surprise, Dadaji (Rajendra Chawla) breaks the good news to the kids and to Rajeev and Janhvi’s surprise, Rishabh is thrilled to learn about the news.

Celebrations commence in the Bansal household where the kids and the elders decide to play old v/s new challenge where the kids sing the latest songs and the elder go back to the 90’s music. The moment of celebration is short lived as things take a shocking turn when Rajeev suddenly announces that he does not want to have the third child.

What made Rajeev take such a decision? Will Rishabh make Rajeev change his mind?

Ansh Sinha, essaying the role of Rishabh said, “The ongoing story is adorable, and our viewers will witness all sorts of emotions. While we have seen Rajeev chasing Rishabh so far. The upcoming episodes will witness the table turn. Rishabh is beyond thrilled for his brother or sister to come but Rajeev has shocked the entire household by expressing his hesitation towards the baby.

It is going to be very exciting for our viewers to watch the efforts and plans Rishabh is set to make to change Rajeev’s mind but the real question remains – Will Rishabh be successful?”

Ssudeep Sahir, essaying the role of Rajeev said, “Tera Yaar Hoon Main is about to take a new turn. Rajeev and Janhvi are expecting their third child but this happy news didn’t turn out to be so happy for Rajeev. This storyline also highlights the apprehensions Rajeev and Janhvi have to this news mainly how the society would react. It has been such an engaging week and this storyline has made me see a different side of Rajeev.

Where Rajeev is seen giving advice and direction to his son and daughter all the time. This time, it seems a little lost and confused. Rajeev is not sure if he wants a third child and the upcoming episodes will reveal his reasons. So, stay tuned to know more.”