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‘Why Priyanka Chopra Does ‘Not’ Cook For Her Hubby Nick Jonas , Nor Will She Sing A ‘Duet’ With Him’


Chaitanya Padukone

The  dynamic Zee channel has introduced a first-of-its-kind music countdown show called    ‘Pro Music Countdown’; the show is hosted by one of India’s finest RJs, social media influencer, style-icon  and YouTube sensation – Siddharth Kanan.   In the first episode of the show featuring Priyanka Chopra (Pee Cee)  Jonas, the audience will get an insight into her childhood, her marriage to Nick Jonas and much more. In fact, in a first-of-its-kind revelation, Priyanka also confessed how she had kept a condition in front of husband Nick Jonas, warning him about the same, before getting married to him.  While talking about Nick’s love for Indian food, PeeCee revealed, “My hubby Nick absolutely loves Indian food, especially paneer, dal and naan. But I don’t cook for him as I don’t know to cook. I had told him before marriage itself, your mom is a great cook, but you aren’t going to get that from here. I started our journey together with all honesty.”   During the conversation with Siddharth,  she even revealed how hubby Nick Jonas hasn’t seen all her movies. In fact, he has just seen a couple of her movies, as Priyanka  revealed   “He hasn’t seen a lot of my films. Actually, Nick  has just seen ‘Mary Kom’ and ‘The Sky is Pink’ and he loved both of them. ‘  As is known,  27 year old Nick is an amazing American seasoned celeb pop-singer, song-writer and actor, while music-savvy Bollywood actress Priyanka has sung just a few a few popular tracks. But the duo will never record a collab, as PeeCee revealed on Zee Pro Music Countdown, “I don’t even dare to sing in front of him. He’s a child prodigy, he makes songs, he writes the lyrics, he composes the music, but I don’t have that kind of education of music. I just like music, hence I will never try doing a duet with him. Every morning as I wake up, I don’t have to turn on the radio as he is playing the piano and he’s singing for me live (and exclusive),”shrugs the chirpy ‘Cancerian’ Chopra.

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