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Why Vaquar Shaikh Of Vidya Loves Tik Tok!


Jyothi Venkatesh

Actor Vaquar Shaikh playing Nanku Singh in Mahesh Pandey’s hit show Vidya has recently been very active on social media, especially Tik Tok. The actor says that he thoroughly enjoys the platform. “It all started with Orkut, when social media was very new. People told me that it helps to make friends so I learnt it. Then by the time I understood how to use Orkut, Facebook came into the picture. I joined that too and after a point of time, even Instagram came in and now Tik-Tok has become the new buzz. There were a few people on my set who make Tik-Tok videos and they encouraged me to make them as well. Since I have started posting videos on Tik-Tok, the response I have got is amazing. People love my videos which gives me a great feeling,” he says.

The medium has a certain addiction power, says the actor, who is currently seen in the show Vidya, “Eventually, when you see people liking it, it becomes addictive in nature and you keep making and posting videos. Initially, I used to think about what I am doing and even a friend told me that I am such a big actor so why do I even need to do it. And I replied in humour that I am a television artist, I have to act how the director asks me to, so somewhere I will act how I want to. Now actually, I am enjoying it!” he says.The actor loves the comedy element associated with Tik Tok videos. “I am very comfortable doing comedy, In fact, my last play was also a stand-up comedy, but I don’t know why no one has cast me for comic roles on television. This could be due to my image or looks. But now, if anyone views my Tik-Tik videos, they can see only comedy videos of mine. I am loving that people are liking it,” he says.

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