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Will Bondita return home?


Committed to championing and propagating content that highlights social issues through its characters, COLORS’ Barrister Babu is making waves across the nation. With its unorthodox approach towards all matters concerning patriarchy, women’s rights and other social stigmas, Barrister Babu continues to make a strong mark on viewers.

Currently in the show, Anirudh (Pravisht Mishra) gets to know that Bondita (Aura Bhatnagar) is trapped in a brothel and he immediately goes to rescue her. As he is just about to meet Bondita, Tarabai calls her goons to fight with Anirudh. Later Tarabai asks Suraiya to bring Bondita to make her dance. Bondita dressed up in a red and white saree with Durga Maa’s chunnar on her head comes and announces that she will go back to her husband’s home

Commenting on the same Aura Bhatnaagr said, “I am a true believer of Maa Durga. Ever since I started learning about scriptures from my mom, she always told me that Goddesses in Hindu mythology instill a sense of strength and power within us. Maa Durga represents a strong woman who will put an end to evil. It took many takes for me to do this particular sequence. I hope I did justice to this sequence and hope the audiences across the nation will continue supporting Bondita.”