Will contestants be able to pass the chocolate mould challenge this week on Chef Vs Fridge Season 3?

Chef Shipra with her chocolate mould

Zee Café’s Chef Vs Fridge is known to bring the best of dishes and mouthwatering food to the audience’s screens. With its challenging tasks and engaging themes, the show is a must watch for every food enthusiast in the country. The week the judges are in the mood for some fun, but will this fun become the contestant’s biggest nemesis? The experienced chefs Shipra Khanna and Ajay Chopra have asked the contestants to prepare a chocolate mould, sounds easy right? Not so much when the contestants only have 15 minutes to present the dish to the judges!

Chef Vs Fridge Season 3
Shipra Khanna and Ajay Chopra

The challenge brings immense competition and pressure for the contestants as only the top three who present the best mould will make it to the cook off challenge. The judges will take their final call basis two parameters, the shape of the mould and the thickness. Will the chefs be able to create the best moulds or will they have to let go of their dream to reach the cook off challenge? Watch the episode to know what happens!

Also, Chef Shipra shares her tips and tricks for preparing the best mould. So, cooking enthusiasts, do not miss out.