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Will Ideas Destroy Friendship This Time, Questions MX Original Series Kiska Hoga Thinkistan- Season 2


Competition is ingrained in our mental psyche from the time we are young. Be it within the family as siblings, at school with grades or when we grow – at work for the coveted promotion. But what happens when professional competition stops being healthy and gets personal? What happens when office politics start ruining friendship?

Just when you think you’ve seen everything you need to about the advertising world, here’s something that will make you think again! While season one of MX Player’s ‘Thinkistan’ gave you a sneak peek into the world of advertising, Kiska HogaThinkistan- Season 2offers viewers high octane drama, politics and interpersonal rivalry that goes on inside the four walls of the agency.

Hema (Shravan Reddy) and Amit (Naveen Kasturia) battled the divide caused by social class, strengthened by their unbreakable bond of trust and friendship. But the entry of a new boss, William (Neil Bhoopalam) shakes the foundation of life as they knew it at MTMC. Adding to the ensemble cast of series – Neil dons a grey shade as William and will be seen stirring up the lives of every employee with his dirty politics. The legendary Kabir Bedi will be making his digital debut in this season as well and plays a crucial role in the drama.  Watch them as they spice up the series along with Mandira Bedi, Vasuki Sunkavelli and Satyadeep Mishra amongst others.

Directed by the veteran ad filmmaker N. Padmakumar, this time, the world of MTMC Ad Agency will depict the fast-paced lives and harsh realities of the advertising-world. It will touch various emotions such as friendship, rivalry, betrayal and extra-marital affairs at the office space.

Seizing this and much more, MX Player’s ‘Kiska HogaThinkistan – Season 2’ is a guide to change and success! Watch the trailer to know what we’re talking about!

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