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Will Imtiaz Ali Succeed In His Mission To Bring Back Madhubala “Alive”?

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Ali Peter John

In this age of biopics, a biopic on Madhubala was expected,  even from some of the greatest filmmakers working around today:

And now, it seems like the impossible is about to be made possible by none other than Imtiaz Ali, who has made a name for himself dulring the last decade with his making some of the best films:

Imtiaz had not even formally announced  his decision to make his biopic on Madhubala :

When there was a controversy about whether he would be able to make the film or not about the most beautiful: controversial and tragic characters of the history of Indian Cinema:

Imtiaz who has gust completed his new film: has been working on his favorite subject based

on the life and times of Madhubala,the classic and cult beauties.

Imtiaz had apparently not though it important to seek permission from any of Madhubala’s relatives, which was important if he had to go ahead with his projects, but it seems like he had overlooked this fact. And it seems like hi has got into trouble before he can even think of starting his ambitious film.

One of Madhubala’s sisters has already taken objection to the making of the biopic, and Madhubala has three other sisters who have stil not been approached for thire approval.

The way things are, Imtiaz will have to seriously think about so many other peple who are related to the actress in a close or remote way, who may create problem or him at sum stige or the other, which will be bad for a sensitive director like him and his producer who are the Relance corporate.

There can be other difliculties in the making of such a tricky subject. What are the aspects of the life of the actress he will include in his script  and what will he leav out ? How can he avoid the characters how Madhubala’s father, Ataullah Khan who had played a najor part in her like and career? How can he forgot Ataullah Khan, the man who came in the way of the love story beetween Dlip kumar and Madhubala and how he had made her lose the romantic  lead in B.R Chopra’s Naya Daur and the court case between Chopra and Khan ? How can he tell her story without talking about her husband, Kishore kumar and all the so many men and women who were a part of the mystery and the magic of Madhubala?

I remember how two journalists  had tried to write Madhubala’s biography who were not only dragged  to court , but were also threatened with dire consequences. I would hate to see anything like this to happen to one of our most respected directors

And what about the casting, Imtiaz? Who will you cast as Madhubala in your film ? Madhuri Dixit ???

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