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Will Rashmi Jha Win The Ticket To Finale?

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The race to the ticket to the finale has begun in MTV Ace Of Space Season 2. After a lot of intriguing fights, complicated relationships and some sweet & sour friendships, the season 2 of AOS is nearing to its end.

Rashmi Jha, Baseer Ali, Prakruti Mishra and Khushali Vyass are competing for the ticket to finale, which gives them a direct entry to the Grand Finale. After a lot of twists and turns, these names were finalized as the contenders for the ticket to finale.

The task for the final race will not be an easy one by any chance. The viewers are waiting with bated breath to see who wins the task. Meanwhile, Rashmi Jha’s fans are anticipating her to be the strongest contender for the Ticket to Finale, giving her direct access to the Grand Finale.

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