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Will Smith Joins Tiktok And Kicks-Off The #GeminiManChallenge 

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Jyothi Venkatesh

American Actor, Will Smith has joined millions of users around the world on TikTok, world’s leading short-form video platform. With his upcoming movie Gemini Man which will air worldwide on October 11, 2019, Will has kicked off a fun #GeminiManChallenge on TikTok with his fans across the globe.In the film Gemini Man, the world’s best assassin Henry (played by Will Smith) is faced with a younger, cloned version of himself, Junior (also played by Will Smith). So what will happen when Henry meets with Junior? Check out the video to see Will Smith in action! 25 TikTok users across the globe, including in India, who participate in the challenge will have a chance to receive free movie tickets for two as the prize by Paramount Pictures! Come and join the #GeminiManChallenge and you will get the opportunity to face off against yourself!

Check out the video to see Will Smith in action!

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