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Will Vandana’s bravery save a little girl’s life in Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya?


Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey continues to engage its audience and keep them glued to the show with exciting twists and turns enveloping the day-to-day life events of the Wagles – Jyothi Venkatesh

The show catering to three different generations has struck a chord with the viewers and its refreshing storyline is loved and appreciated by all.

The upcoming episodes will showcase Vandana’s (Pariva Pranati) bravery and how she stands strong and faces the difficulties coming her way by trying to save a little girl’s life.

While Rajesh (Sumeet Raghavan) is away in Ahmednagar for an important conference, Vandana has the golden opportunity of spending an entire day by herself.

But little did she know that her day ahead would be filled with difficult situations and hurdles.

Before leaving, Rajesh had asked Vandana to visit the bank for some important work.

While Vandana is about to step out of the house, she hears Atharva and Vidyut screaming and witnesses their house help Asha Tai’s daughter, Komal falling unconscious while playing with the kids.

She immediately realises that it’s a serious health situation and hurries the kid to the hospital, in fact even carries and runs with her to the hospital when she gets stuck in traffic.

Upon reaching the hospital, Vandana is faced with an unfair bias towards the kid due to her underprivileged status.

She argues with the authorities to not judge a patient’s importance based on their designation and status. Clock is ticking and Vandana has a matter of life and death on her hands.

Will Vandana be able to save the child’s life? How will she overcome this new challenge?

Pariva Pranati, essaying the role of Vandana Wagle said, “In the upcoming episodes, Vandana will be seen turning into a saviour for Asha Tai’s daughter.

She faced numerous challenges on her way to the hospital and constantly kept praying for the little girl’s safety.

It will be interesting for the viewers to witness Vandana turning into a lifesaver and how she bravely and strongly faces the obstacle head on.

The episodes highlight the general bias we witness in our daily lives towards people of importance and a certain rank.

The storyline this week highlights this issue and showcases that all lives matter irrespective of a person’s rank or status.”

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