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With trouble over the horizon, will Pushpa be able to give her exams? Find out on Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible


Sony SAB’s Pushpa (played by Karuna Pandey) and her path towards literacy has been the source of entertainment for the audiences, courtesy of the endless curveballs life has been throwing at her and her unusual tactics used for dealing with each of them.

Unfortunately, her academic career is about to be cut short when she is asked to leave the school due to false accusations about her admissions. However, Pushpa is not willing to let her efforts go to waste and makes a plea to be permitted to take the examinations before leaving.

In order to help her pass the test with flying colors Pushpa’s family, neighbors, and professors assist her in every way, by teaching her and helping her with household chores. But life won’t give her a break as she falls unwell and is advised to take rest.

Prioritizing studies over her health, will Pushpa be able to clear the exams?

Karuna Pandey who essays the role of Pushpa comments, “Pushpa is someone who doesn’t like to give up on things easily. Her determination keeps her going. She lives by the philosophy that life will throw many problems at you; how you deal with them will determine your chances of success.

Pushpa’s courage is admirable, and everyone should be able to face adversity like she does. I hope the viewers continue to love and support Pushpa as she navigates the obstacle course, that is her life.”

Tune into ‘Pushpa Impossible’ from Monday to Saturday at 9:30 pm, only on Sony SAB!

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