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There are some men whose success stories are not even governed by God or time , their success stories are beyond all definitions and description and some of these men are found in the world of Hindi films - Ali Peter John


The Corona virus may have affected many successful men in different fields of life , but it has failed to touch some of the leading stars of the film industry .....

The first name that comes to mind is the sadi ke mahanayak , Amitabh Bachchan.

He was struck by the virus and was even admitted to the Nanavati Hospital but he overcame the virus and started shooting for KBC and then for five other feature films and is now undoubtedly one of the busiest actors shooting at 79 , a record no other actor has broken yet .

He is also demanding and commanding the price which he has not charged before .


He could have signed many more films , but his doctors have advised him to go slow .

Will Amitabh continue to be busy in the next five years ? He wants to , but his body has to agree.

His diary is full till 2030 . What will be his price in the next five years and what will be the kind of cars he will drive and how many more bungalows and apartments will he own in Mumbai and other cities ? These are questions only time , his friend can answer .......


Next to Amitabh , it is Akshay Kumar who is the busiest star and who is busy making bags full of money, but is he doing films which can last him the next five years ?

His critics say that he will complete his quota of films in India and then leave for Canada, the country he is still a citizen of . Will Akshay fulfill the dreams of his critics whose numbers are growing ?

The Khans are now in their fifties and are in the last laps of their careers . Shah Rukh is busy shooting for ,"Pathan" with Salman Khan in a guest appearance and Depika Padukone as his leading lady .


According to sources at YRF , SRK is supposed to have been paid a staggering price of one thousand crores and experts are wondering whether the price paid to him is worth it .

There is still no sign of any other producers or banner signing SRK , which raises many questions in both the national and international market .

However , SRK doesn't have to worry about his finances as he has a very strong standing in several countries of the world, more than that or any other Indian star.

Aamir Khan has been busy making his most ambitious and controversial film Laal Singh Chaddha for the last five years and the film will hopefully be out in early 2022.


There is too much at stake for Aamir and the film and it is one film that has all the focus on it , critically, financially, nationally and internationally.

And the world can change or not change, but our own dear Sallu Bhai doesn't seem to be in any mood to change or his faithful filmmakers are not going to let him change even if he wants to .

And so Salman Khan will be back as Tiger 3 in a sequel of the same name , with the action being three times or more than the last sequel of the franchise.

Will Sallu Bhai at least change by 2030 and bring in a new and more daring Salman Khan with many more muscles all around his body ?

The other heroes are doing their jobs to the best of their abilities, but it is the actresses who are in the forefront doing roles which Indian actresses have not done before .


Leading them all is Deepika Padukone who besides doing a number of good Hindi films mostly with her husband Ranveer Singh is also doing two films in proper Hollywood, one of which she is also production under her own banner,.

KA P.roducions. One can imagine the money involved in the projects Deepika is getting involved in .

Priyanka Chopra is still involved in Hollywood , but the way Deepika is making her way ,it will not be long before Deepika establishes herself in the west.

Back home, Alia Bhat has all but grabbed the winning point and with films like "Gangubai Kathiawadi" and Baiju Bavra, both directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansaali , Alia may hit the big time before she marries Ranbir Kapoor and still continues to work .


A number of earlier actresses like Kareena Kapoor , Rani Mukerji , Katrina Kaif and others are playing their last innings and will make way for younger and may be better actresses , but till that happens , we will have to wait for talent to succeed over mere good figures and man made beauty .

Stars mean big money and big money is an obstacle in the way out making good films .

The earlier the stars and the makers cut down on the prices and the expenses on stars the better for the future of the industry which is struggling to stand up again and survive

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