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Woh log shaayad sonu sood ko bhool gaye hai, lekin sonu ne nek kaam karna chhoda nahi hai


Frankly, do all those people in Bihar who are all excited about the elections in their state remember what their plight was when they were forced to walk long distances to reach

their homes and how one man whose name was Sonu Sood turned out to be their Messiah and led most of them home in buses, trains and even planes and provided them with food, medicines and all that they needed to keep themselves warm, healthy and alive.

सोनू सूद

I expected Sonu Sood to play a vital role in these elections and even believed that he would be a very important mudda, but that is apparently what has not happened. I don’t know if all this politicking matters to Sonu Sood, but I feel that whatever happens is what has to happen and Sonu Sood has done a very wise thing to keep away from Bihari politics and he must be a very soul – satisfied Sonu Sood by doing what he knows best, serving the needy without the least expectations.

सोनू सूद

He has been working among the people all the time. He has helped to build a road for people in Kerala and there are other good things he has done to record here, but there is one story I just have to tell my readers.

सोनू सूद

A young girl called Pratibha was ailing of T B and had lost all strength in both her legs and doctors saw very little hope for her. Sonu Sood came to know about her condition and rushed to her help. He got her admitted to one of the best hospitals in Karnal and personally supervised her treatment till she was on the road to complete recovery. The girl is now back on her feet and is busy dreaming of a bright future for herself and her family.

Dhanyawaad ek baar phir Sonu aur ek baat yaad rakhna ki tum Jo kar rahe ho aaj bhi yaad rahega aur aanewale kahi zamaane ko yaad rahega. Khudah tumhari hifaazat kare.