World Bicycle Day: Pedal to a Healthier Life!

On World Bicycle Day, &TV artists talk about how cycling benefits them in staying fit. These include RJ Mohit (Manoj, Doosri Maa), Aaryan Prajapati...

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&tv celebrities celebrate World Bicycle Day

'mIt is well-known that regular physical activity, like cycling, protects against several serious illnesses. Anyone can easily incorporate this fun, low-impact cycling exercise into a daily routine. On World Bicycle Day&TV artists talk about how cycling benefits them in staying fit. These include RJ Mohit (Manoj, Doosri Maa), Aaryan Prajapati (Hritik Singh, Happu Ki Ultan Paltan), and Aasif Sheikh (Vibhuti Narayan Mishra, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai). 

RJ Mohit (Manoj, Doosri Maa)

RJ Mohit, essaying Manoj in &TV’s show Doosri Maa, shares,

“I am passionate about bicycling and pedalling, and I am a professional cyclist actively engaged in cycling marathons and races. Cycling plays a significant role in my fitness regimen. Every morning, I kickstart my day by hopping on my bicycle, and I often rely on it for transportation whenever the need arises. Initially, I embraced cycling as a means to maintain my physical fitness. However, over time, it has transformed into something more profound for me—a form of therapy. When I'm cycling, my stress and anxiety melt away, replaced by a sense of happiness and contentment. Immersing myself in cycling helps me cultivate focus and heightens my awareness of the present moment, whether concentrating on the road ahead or maintaining a steady cadence. Notably, I can traverse more than 50 kilometres effortlessly, and my ongoing goal is to continually push my boundaries and increase my endurance.”

Aaryan Prajapati (Hritik, happu ki ultan Paltan) - bicycle day

Aaryan Prajapati, aka Hritik Singh from Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, shares,

“Cycling is one of the ultimate methods to achieve and maintain health and fitness. Its ability to enhance stamina, strength, and aerobic capacity is unparalleled by any other form of exercise. The sheer joy derived from cycling is unmatched. I received my very first bicycle as a cherished gift from my parents, and to this day, I never let a day pass without taking a ride. Im so dedicated to cycling that I sometimes bring it to the sets. I join Zaara Warsi (Chamchi) and Somya Azad (Ranbir) for delightful rides outside our Naigaon sets during leisure. As an avid sports enthusiast, I seize the opportunity to explore the vicinity of my locality by hopping on my trusty bicycle. The benefits of cycling extend beyond personal health; they encompass economic and environmental advantages as well. By choosing to cycle, you save money, maintain fitness, eliminate the need for fuel, and reduce the likelihood of accidents or mishaps on the road. Cycling embodies a holistic approach to well-being, extending its benefits to multiple facets of life.” Aasif Sheikh (Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, Vibhuti Mishra) Bicycle dayAasif Sheikh, aka Vibhuti Narayan Mishra from Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, shares,

“It's disheartening that many individuals my age dismiss bicycles as mere playthings for children, failing to recognize the significant physical and psychological health advantages of cycling. However, riding a bicycle is one of the most effective ways to seamlessly incorporate regular exercise into our daily lives. Not only does cycling help build muscle and increase metabolism, but it also greatly reduces the risk of various health conditions. That's why I hop on my bike and pedal away whenever possible. It's a healthy, enjoyable, and low-impact exercise suitable for people of all ages. Additionally, cycling can be a practical means of transportation for our everyday travel needs.”


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