World Cancer Day: Indian Cancer Society’s initiatives towards ‘Closing the Care Gap’

By Team Bollyy
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The Indian Cancer Society (ICS) has launched a month-long campaign to create awareness about cancer, its prevention and the importance of its early detection. This is in line with the underlying theme of World Cancer Day 2023 “Close the Care Gap”.

Mrs Usha Thorat - Hon Secretary and Managing Trustee Indian Cancer Society ans Ex Deputy Givernor of RBI and Shri Vivek Phansalkar- IPS Police Commissioner of Mumbai

As part of the campaign, ICS has collaborated with the Wockhardt Foundation with an aim to screen 1 lakh people over the next three months for oral cancer. The screening will use Wockhardt Foundation’s robust nationwide network of 200 mobile vans. Other events included the release of a film on the importance of screening. Cancer survivors who are part of the ICS mutual support group Ugam and others participated in a marathon conducted by VJTI students on 5th February 2023. The branches at Bengaluru and Delhi also conducted various cancer awareness and screening activities to highlight the theme of World Cancer Day. ICS has also relaunched the CK Handoo Scholarship and Research by broadening the scope and criteria. The aim is to provide learning and training opportunities in cancer research, treatment, and control.

Mrs Usha Thorat - Hon Secretary and Managing Trustee Indian Cancer Society ans Ex Deputy Givernor of RBI addressing the event

To mark the occasion, the Commissioner of Police Hon’ble Shri Vivek Phansalkar, inaugurated a screening camp on the 7th of February, in the premises of ICS Parel where local residents were screened for the most common cancers namely, oral, breast, and cervical. Speaking at the event, Mr. Vivek Phansalkar, Commissioner of Police said: “Today I have learnt a fundamental lesson. Cancer screening tests are one of the most effective ways to detect pre-cancer conditions. Early detection can result in timely diagnosis and treatment. I am extremely happy to be a part of this initiative of the Indian Cancer Society.”

Shri Vivek Phansalkar- IPS Police Commissioner of Mumbai Addressing the event

Mrs. Usha Thorat, Managing Trustee, Indian Cancer Society said: “The increasing incidence of cancer in our country imposes a huge emotional and financial burden on the patients and their families. At Indian Cancer Society, we hope to stimulate deeper dialogue and action on the issues of cancer. World Cancer Day is an ideal occasion to reiterate this purpose. The screening initiative with Wockhardt Foundation will play a crucial role in the early detection of cancer to increase survival and lower treatment costs. To reduce the incidence of cancer, we urge people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and avoid known cancer-causing substances. To achieve this, we rolled out Project SATARK” which is aimed at training front-line healthcare workers on awareness and prevention of oral and cervical cancer. With the support of the State Governments, training has been conducted in the State of Goa and select districts of West Bengal and Telangana. We, at Indian Cancer Society, believe that positive actions will encourage people to stay Two Steps Ahead of Cancer.”

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