World Music Day: Music is a necessity, says Charrul Malik

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Charrul Malik
Actress Charrul Malik says that music for her is something that she cannot do without. She adds that it helps in overall developments of her life.
“I completely agree with your perspective on music and the four M's you mentioned: music, mood, motivation, and must. Music truly plays a vital role in everyone's life. Personally, I consider music a necessity. I love incorporating music into my exercise and gym routine, particularly fast-paced and upbeat tracks. It gives me an extra burst of energy, making me feel more energised, active, and refreshed. Music is indeed universal, capable of bringing people together regardless of their backgrounds. Research has shown that listening to music releases oxytocin, also known as the ‘love hormone,’ which helps foster empathy, trust, and compassion among individuals. It serves as a powerful tool for connecting people and evoking nostalgic feelings associated with fond memories. Moreover, music has the ability to keep depression at bay and contribute to a longer and happier life. It is closely tied to dance as well, as listening to music often prompts spontaneous dancing. In many ways, music acts as a form of therapy,” she says.
Charrul Malik looks Charrul Malik adds, “Indeed, it's not always possible to listen to music continuously, but it's great that you make a conscious effort to enjoy music during your travels. A 2-hour drive provides a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the music you love. Additionally, with the prevalence of social media reels that incorporate songs and audio, we often come across music while scrolling through our feeds.”
Talking about learning music, she says, “Music has a way of leaving an indelible impression, and it's never too late to revisit and rekindle your passion for it. My mother also learned music and she used to teach music during her initial years of marriage. She used to teach music and dance both and I believe I have that genetic in me and so I took up music in college.”  Ask her which is her favourite number, and she says, “I love the song ‘Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye’, it's very emotional and motivating. I love listening to it.”
Charrul Malik on music day
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