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World’s Leading Modelling Agency Inspired By The Indian Sari Look Organises Indian Wedding Show In Poland

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Jyothi Venkatesh

With the wedding season around the corner, Poland based modelling agency, World’s Stars organised an Indian wedding show in Warsaw, Poland. Keeping in the mind the tradition and attire, the agency organized the show where more than 25 models participated in show. With the agenda to promote the tradition globally, all the models walked the ramp dressed completely as Indian brides, followed by the dance performances on Indian wedding songs. Paulina Sabota, one of the leading actors and models at the show commented,” It’s been a pleasure walking the ramp in saris and Indian bridal lehengas. I’ve always found the Indian culture really fascinating and walking the ramp in that beautiful attire felt really good.” More than 100 designers and brands like Burberry, Dior and many more from around the globe were present at the event. Commenting on the success of the event, Malgorzata Lukasik, Founder and Managing Director, World’s Stars Model agency said,” Our team is really happy with the response we got at the event. The Indian wedding show was a great attraction of the evening. Indian market is really taking over globally and we look forward to work in the Indian market really soon. We are already in the process of expansion in European market and currently looking at the Indian market, we are sure that the plan for opening a franchise in India will definitely help us reach a bigger audience and will contribute in building our business worldwide.”With the aim of expanding in the Indian market, World’s Star modelling agency will launch their franchise in the year 2020.

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