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Jyothi Venkatesh

As India’s leading Hindi General Entertainment Channel and a responsible broadcaster, Zee TV has always placed its viewers on the highest pedestal over the past 27 years. The channel has always kept its audience entertained through thick and thin. In fact, during this crucial phase of social distancing where each one of us is fighting a battle to safeguard ourselves from the pandemic, Zee TV has taken its viewers on a spiritual journey that evoke hope amongst each and every one of us. Narrating various fascinating chronicles of the natkhat Krishna and depicting the mischievous side to this Makhan Chor, Zee TV has brought back the immensely popular show, Paramavatar Shri Krishna and it airs every Monday to Saturday at 10:00 pm.

The show has gone on to be an instant success with Nirnay Samadhiya showcasing the much anticipated natkhat side of Lord Krishna. He is being lauded for his portrayal of the character, however, looks like actress Gungun Uprari did not leave any stone unturned to breathe life into the role of Yashodha. The actress who had essayed a couple of motherly roles in her previous shows saw this character as a dream come true role for her. In fact, she took up the character in a heartbeat. Reminiscing the moment, Gungun shared, “Mythological stories have always intrigued me and Yashodha as a character has always been very close to my heart. As an actor with a fair experience in essaying motherly roles, hers was a character that I wanted to essay since a long time. I realized that it would be a rather challenging job with absolutely no scope for faults, but it was no less than a dream.”

Considering how well she narrated the story of Yashodha, it’s no surprise that the role was offered to her not by one but three production houses who saw her as the perfect match for the character. “It was actually quite a surprise to see how people believed that I was the perfect fit for this role. However, having accepted the character with Paramavatar Shri Krishna’, I had to politely decline the offer for the other two roles. I must add that playing Yashodha has brought in the urge to experiment with the kind of roles I play. I am now keen on trying my hand at playing a negative character because stepping out of the comfort zone is the only way for an actor to realize their true potential” revealed Gungun. Tune into the spiritual adventures of Natkhat-Krishna by watching Paramavatar Shri Krishna every day, from Monday to Saturday at 10:00 pm on Zee TV!

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