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Yeh Aag Sirf Aap Bujhaa Sakte Hai, Modiji


The nation is unfortunately passing through the most stormy and fiery times these days and what is more painful is that a majority of Indians who are involved are a large number of youth who we always take pride in calling the bhavishya, the future and the foundation of our country.

You being the kind of leader you are needs no advise or suggestions, but this is a crisis which will certainly have to be handled with great patience, love , care and most of all understanding and we are sure you know it better than most leaders, philosophers, thinkers, writers and filmmakers because you are a leader of the people because you are the voice of the people and you know and understand the heartbeats of the Indian people, especially the young people of this great country which is growing in all directions under your able leadership.

You have proved yourself by facing and fighting and winning over many other crisis facing the nation and you will have to show yourself at your best while dealing with this very very delicate and sensitive crisis. This is a crisis where the youth which is at the crossroads of life is involved. It is their future that is at stake and in their future is the future of the country as you so very well know.

The youth involves every strata of society and the film industry is no exception. For the last few days young men and women from some of the major universities are on the streets and are giving expressions to their anger by setting things on fire and causing mask destruction in their anger which knows no reasons. At this stage and age for their lives they need to be understood and not be treated like criminals and we know that you and your government will know how important it is to bring back the lost youth on the right track. If leaders like you and your government don’t understand then, who will?

We in the film industry have a very big stake with the youth as they form more than 80% of power audience. What will happen to a film like “Dabangg 3” starring the heartthrob of the youth, Salman Khan which is to be released on December 20 and which the same youth is waiting for eagerly? It is a very short time to plan a postponement of the world release of the film and the makers are caught in a fire of their own. Who will dare to walk out to see “Dabangg 3” under the fiery circumstances in the country and who can guarantee the safety of those who dare to? Only you, Modiji, only you.

This is the best chance to stand tall as a statesman, a politician, and above all a leader of the youth who will rise above all barriers of religion, caste and creed and bring back the country on a bullet train to equality, brotherhood and peace that will last for all time. We have seen great hope in you, Mananiya Modiji and we hope you will give us all the reasons to let yourself grow in our eyes and our esteem. Bujhaa do yeh aag, Modiji aur har desh wasi ke nazar mein badte raho aur badte jaao. Jai Hind

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