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Siddharth Shukla was among the thousands of young man who had come to the city of dream to make it as an actor like thousands of other name like him from different parts of the country –ALI PETER JOHN

He was however luckier than most others and found work as an actor in well known serials like Balika Badhu , DIL Se DIL Tak , and he shone out in reality shows and he was winner in Bigg Boss 13 and it crowned with all Khatro Ke Khiladi .

He hosted Savdhaan India and India’s got talent and made a striking appearance in the feature flim Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania and when he could have sat back and rebelled in his much envied success story and his mother whose only son he was looked at him with motherly pride , death that scoundrel who doesn’t let out its dirty secret sneaked into his apartment and attacked him and the young Siddharth who must have been dreaming of reaching newer heights of success was rushed in an ambulance to a municipal hospital where he was declared brought dead on arrival.

It was a drastic and dismal end to a success story that had not even begun . The young man who should have been basking in the light of success was reduced to ashes within minutes and who knows whether he will be remembered in the months and years to come?

During the last ten years or so , such painful stories have become some kind of a recurring happening which doesn’t seem to end ?

How many names should we remembered, names who have become a part of the past before their time ?

How can we ever forget names like Sushant Singh Rajput who shot to the peak of stardom and whose dazzling story of success ended when he was found hanging by the ceiling of his fan in his apartment which led to a storm all over the countries and even out of it ?

And who can forget the sad stories of young actors like Kushal Punjabi , Asif Basra , Sameer Sharma , Sejal Sharma , Pratyusha Banerjee, Sandeep Nahar and Jiah Sharma ?

Their have been many causes been associated with the unexpected death these young and potentially talented actors, but the common causes that are associated with them are the pressure of work when young actors are pressurise to work 18, 20 and even 24 hrs a day and even days without end .

All that matters to the makers of the shows and serial is how fast they can complete as much work as possible without caring about thinks like quality and content.

I was witnessed to the female head of a leading T.V company who made young actors worked round the clock and all through the night and if they showed signs of exhaustion or fatigue, she would do them the honour of personally kicking them awake .

How in heavens name can any kind of good work be done under these cruel circumstances ?

Never in the history of flim and television entertainment business have so many knew psychiatrist and physiologist qualified and unqualified set up their shady crilicks dingy places to offer cures for the sick minds of all those young men and women who were truly talented when they first joined the rat race which ultimately takes no one no where .

A young female counsellor who has dedicated her life to show the growing number of young actors and even writers and directors to find a way out of the traps they have got into, says that no institutional or scientific treatment can treat these aspiring and struggling because a stage comes in their life’s when they get addicted to their passion to make it and then nothing can save them except themselves.

The way so many young lives are being lost and are being wasted on the roads, lanes and streets of Mumbai should have opened the eyes , hearts and minds of people to this glaring ailment which is growing into a slow but sure killer , should have made the government at the centre on the state focus on this deadly and deathly problem from long time ago .

But , it is better let than never. Will the tears of the mother of Siddharth Shukla would shock people enough to know that there is something filthy, fishy and chilling in the atmosphere which looks so very rozy from the outside , but which is already growing rotten inside


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