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Seems like, stars are not in favour of HBO or GOT. The news of yet another episode from the series being leaked comes just after four people were arrested by the Mumbai Police for leaking an episode last week. According to a report by Hindustan Times,  a thread on Reddit claims that Episode 6 of GOT was leaked online and aired on HBO Spain unwittingly.

A screenshot from the episode, which is 71 minutes long, shows Jon Snow and the Leader of Wildlings walking in the snow beyond the wall.  The news seems legitimate because this scene wasn't a part of the trailer released on Monday. There is also a GIF revealing a very momentous scene where the White Walker is seen touching the dragon and the latter's eyes turning blue. Fans have obviously lost it and are going berserk.

The last episode of the season was also leaked by HBO’s partners in India. The culprits were arrested on Tuesday by Mumbai police. An internal inquiry initiated by the company found two employees leaked it online. During the investigation, two other names cropped up. Among the four arrested, three are currently employed at the firm while one is a former employee.

With just one more episode to go before the season ends and the wait for the final season begins, we can just say that this particular season has been especially tumultuous for the makers.

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