Publisher Theme
Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.


Truly, God, must have been in his most creative moods when he created you
You are the festival among all festivals
You are all the seasons wrapped in one
You are the East, you are the West, you are the North and you are the South, you are a direction itself
Your eyes are the eyes of the world, they see the world as it should be seen, the world as God created it the first time
Your eyes see things and beings and make them beautiful
You are the garden among all the gardens of the world
You are a bouquet of the most beautiful flowers chosen by God himself
You are the moon, the sky and the stars,the moon, the stars and the sky above all are fake and are all made of thermocol
You are the sea, you are the waves, you are the rivers, you are the bubbles that float in the sea
Every breath you breathe is the heart beat of life, you can decide the fate of this world by your heart beat
Every time your mind ticks, a judgement is passed on the world
Every spec of sand on the seashore in you
Every petal of every flower is you
Every flower has a heavenly perfume chosen by you, after all you are Ittarwala, you are a treasure of human feelings which are more blessed than any perfume
You are all the elements of the universe
You are the salt and sugar of life
You are the ‘life’ of life
You are the love of life
You are life
Walk carefully, my new friend, the world is not as beautiful and caring as you may believe it is
You can be the eternal flame of light, but
You must know that there are dangerous fires all around you which may try to consume you
But in you I see a storm, a typhoon, a tornado and a tsunami all in one
The world may try its worst to burn you, to hurt you and even humiliate you
But in you, in your eyes and in your heart I see a fire that can even burn fire
Carry on, beautiful woman, you are not an ordinary woman, you were born and sent into this world to love it, to care for it and to save it from the doors of hell it is leading itself into