You wouldn’t believe it! Everyone’s favorite witty content creator Niharika NM is a people pleaser! 

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Mirchi Plus What Women Want S4_Ep 12

This week, Mirchi Plus Dabur Vita What Women Want Season 4 features popular content creator Niharika NM. During a candid conversation, host Kareena Kapoor Khan nudges Niharika to spill the beans on her beef with her contemporaries. In response to this, Niharika says, “As an ambivert, I barely interact with people, so even if they are salty towards me, I probably wouldn’t know, because I am such a people pleaser that I am probably overcompensating anyway.” That’s not all! In this fun episode, Kareena and Niharika also discuss entertaining collabs between Bollywood actors and content creators. Niharika also talks about her upcoming projects, the content creation process, and so much more.


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