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Young Poet’s Take On Metro Teen Relationships This Children’s Day

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Cold Brew is an anthology of poems written by 16 year old Sanskriti Ramachandran, who also aspires to pursue a career in the fashion industry. The teenager delves into her own mind and minds of her peer group while framing semi-fictionally written verses emanating from the minds of the millennials.The 148 page book, published by Authors Upfront, gives an insight into the thoughts of the metro teenagers and their take on relationships these days. Sanskriti who is also interning with a Mumbai newspaper in the features section at the moment, wants to be a fashion editor and also runs book reviews and fashion reviews on her Instagram page. She loves to write and spend time with her pets apart from studying for her A Levels at the moment in a suburban Mumbai institution. No wonder Sanskriti is a talented chip (Read daughter) of the old block of journalist cum pr wizard Ramachandran  and the niece of the veteran journalist cum pr person Anusha Srinivasan.

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