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Yuvika Choudhary Prefers To Be A Dosti-Maker Between Arti Singh And Vishal Aditya Singh

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Jyothi Venkatesh

In the Bigg Boss 13 house, where every day feels no less than a battlefield, it is refreshing to watch friendship bloom and see the housemates enjoy a jolly time. One such dynamic that has begun to flourish is that of Arti Singh and new wild-card entrant Vishal Aditya Singh.  What ties the two together is Yuvika Choudhary, ex-Bigg Boss contestant, and friend to both Arti and Vishal. In one of the episodes, we hear Arti tell other housemates that Yuvika has been the friendship-maker between the two and wanted them to get to know each other. When asked about her involvement in the new blooming friendship, Yuvika said, “More than a matchmaker I would say I prefer being a dosti-maker.  Honestly, they both are my friends and I know they are both great people. Whether something else strikes is not something we know yet but I would want them to be friends at least so that both my friends are on the same side.” says Yuvika, who found her ‘Prince’ charming too in the very house. Bigg Boss is all about friendship, brotherhood, hatred, and love. What eventually happens between Arti & Vishal is something only time will tell.

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