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Zaira Wasim Quits Acting Permanently 


National Award winner Zaira Wasim on Sunday announced her decision to quit acting, saying it interfered with her faith and religion. The 19-year-old Srinagar-born star, who gained widespread popularity with her impressive debut in Dangal (2016), was last seen in Aamir Khan-produced Secret Superstar (2017).

“This journey has been exhausting, to battle my soul for so long. Life is too short yet too long to be at war with oneself,” Wasim announced in a long Facebook post, which she later shared across other social media platforms. “Therefore, today I arrive at this well-grounded decision and I officially declare my disassociation with this field (film industry)… This field indeed brought a lot of love, support, and applause my way, but what it also did was to lead me to a path of ignorance, as I silently and unconsciously transitioned out of imaan (faith),” she wrote. “While I continued to work in an environment that consistently interfered with my imaan (faith), my relationship with my religion was threatened.”

Zaira Wasim said she had been thinking about quitting for a long time and that she wasn’t “truly happy” with her new identity. “Five years ago I made a decision that changed my life forever. As I stepped (into) Bollywood, it opened doors of massive popularity for me. I started to become the prime candidate of public attention, I was projected as the gospel of the idea of success and was often identified as a role model for the youth,” she said. “However, that’s never something that I set out to do or become, especially with regards to my ideas of success and failure, which I had just started to explore and understand.”

She added, “As I continued to ignorantly pass through while I kept trying to convince myself that what I was doing is okay and isn’t really affecting me, I lost all the Barakah (blessings) from my life. Barakat is a word whose meaning isn’t just confined to happiness, quantity or blessing, it also focuses on the idea of stability, which is something I struggled with extensively,” she said. “I was constantly battling with my soul to reconcile my thoughts and instincts to fix a static picture of my imaan (faith) and I failed miserably, not just once but a hundred times… I kept procrastinating by tricking and deluding my conscience into the idea that I know what I am doing doesn’t feel right but assumed that I will put an end to this whenever the time feels right and I continued to put myself in a vulnerable position where it was always so easy to succumb to the environment that damaged my peace, imaan and my relationship with Allah… In the great and divine wisdom of the Quran, I found sufficiency and peace. Indeed the hearts find peace when it acquires the knowledge of Its Creator, His Attributes, His Mercy and His commandments.”

Zaira Wasim’s new film The Sky is Pink, directed by Shonali Bose and co-starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Farhan Akhtar, is scheduled to release later this year.

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