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Zee Cinema To Turn Kesari Between 13th And 15th And Also Air The World Television Premiere Of Kesari On 15th August At 12 Noon


Jyothi Venkatesh

Based on a true historic event of the Battle of Saragarhi, Kesari is a legendary example of exemplary valour displayed by 21 Sikh soldiers. Directed by Anurag Singh, Kesari features superstar Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra in the lead roles. This Independence Day, Zee Cinema celebrates the jazba and valour of the 21 brave hearts who fought valiantly for their motherland by airing the World Television Premiere of Kesari on Thursday, 15th August 2019 at 12 noon.The Battle of Saragarhi, which was fought on 12th September 1897 in the Tirah region of North-West Frontier Province, is known to be the bravest battle ever fought, the world over! 21 soldiers of the 36th Sikh Regiment fought against a humungous fleet of 10,000 Afghani invaders. Led by Havildar Ishar Singh (essayed by Akshay Kumar), this atomic task force of 21 soldiers proved to be the strongest opposition the Afghans ever faced. The soldiers chose to stand up for what they believed in – never quit, never stop. Even though they lost the battle, their efforts helped them win the war.The martyrs set such an inspirational example of valour and commitment, with grit for honour, that it led the British Army to commemorate the entire unit with the Indian Order of Merit,  at that time the highest gallantry award which any Indian soldier could receive. In the present, September 12 (date of the battle) is observed as Saragarhi Day by the Indian Army, and also in Britain while two Gurudwaras in Amritsar and Ferozpur were built in the memory of the 21 martyred brave hearts. Till date, the Gurudwaras are visited by thousands of devotees every day. The Battle of Saragarhi can be referred to as ‘Heroism’ in its truest form.

Director Anurag Singh said, “Kesari is very close to my heart. The whole team worked very hard for two years on every aspect of film. It is our heartfelt tribute to all the martyrs, to the unmatched valour of the Sikhs, to our ‘mitti’ and I hope the fans will be able to catch the World Television Premiere of Kesari on Zee Cinema.”The emotional war drama is Akshay Kumar’s biggest hit, which also went on to become the fourth highest Bollywood grosser of 2019 – with a remarkable collection of 154 crores in India alone. Dialogues like “Aaj meri paghdi bhi kesari … joh bahega mera woh lahu bhi kesari … aur mera jawab bhi kesari” fill your hearts with pride, and eyes with tears while the intense, visually stunning war sequences promise to be a complete visual treat for viewers. The film also has its humorous moments to instantly lighten up the mood. With Kesari, Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra team up for the very first time. Despite a small role portrayal by Parineeti, one is sure to love the fun banter between hers and Akshay’s character. The music of the film is heart-warmingly addictive. The romantic number, Ve Maahi voiced by Arijit Singh is the undisputed love song of the season while B Praak’s Teri Mitti invokes patriotism and pride in all the right ways. As an ode to our brave armed forces, Zee Cinema will turn kesari between 13th – 15th August. Considered as the colour of bravery, sacrifice and brotherhood, the channel’s logo and brand assets with change to the colour saffron, to commemorate the valour and bravado of Indian soldiers. Indicating selflessness and courage, the colour poses as a reminder to the people to unite, becoming one, therein setting the base of a stronger and more powerful future of our nation.

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