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Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Zee TV artists share their love for dance on International Dance Day


Jyothi Venkatesh

Sehrish Ali who plays the role of Nandini in Zee TV’s Apna Time Bhi Aayega said, “Dance has always played a really important role in my life, right since I was a child.

I remember when I was in the first grade, my mom got me a tape after she realized my interest and enthusiasm towards dance.

I still remember the first ever song that I ever danced to was, ‘I am a Barbie girl’. Ever since then, dance has always managed to uplift my mood and make me feel alive again.

While I am not professionally trained in dance, my mom and my masis have been associated with Shiamak Dawar’s troupe.

Honestly, I have learnt dance after watching them and I try as much as I can to take out some time for it when I am not shooting. It gives me a very different positive vibe and peace of mind.

Taking my love for dance ahead, I really wish to learn to Salsa because I love the chemistry that is brought by dance between two individuals.

Having a partner to lead you so gracefully is the most amazing thing about this dance style.”

Neha Marda who plays Shubhra in Zee TV’s Kyun Rishton mein Katti Batti said, “Dance is not just a small part of my life, it is literally my life.

I believe I wouldn’t have been where I am today if it weren’t for my passion and love towards dance.

There is a different level of happiness and power that I have achieved by pursuing dance. The success that I earned through this; I realized the true meaning of it when I started dancing at the age of three.

I have trained myself for nine years in Bharatanatyam, seven years in Kathak and four years in Jazz and Salsa.

As a kid, I participated in dance reality shows and even judged one of them, so my dance journey began from there and it is still going on.

Honestly, I believe dance has made me very expressive because as a kid, I was very shy and only after I started dancing, I learned how to express myself in a better way.

One dance style that I look forward to learning next is Bachata because I think it requires a lot of power and strength.”

Tannaz Irani who plays Rajeshwari in Zee TV’s Apna Time Bhi Aayega said, “Dance plays a very vital role in my life and people who know me will know that I begin dancing or swaying the moment a particular music is played.

And although I love dancing, I believe it can be a challenge when you are trying to match your steps while simultaneously working at the beats, expressions and dance forms.

I remember facing a slight struggle when I was a part of a dance reality show. However, I used to rehearse for nearly 10 hours and that’s how I managed to sail through.

The most challenging experience of that journey was performing a Tandaav which as difficult as it seemed, was a rather thrilling experience.

I really wish to learn contemporary dance style as well because I love the flowy moments and the usage of expressions.

I am a fan of the hip-hop style too, but I must say, it’s a real challenge to be able to dance and ace the style.

On this International Dance Day, I salute all the extraordinary dancers of the world who make this entire art seem so effortless and graceful. I believe dancing is a craft where the person themselves becomes the craft.