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Zee Tv’s New Fiction Show Hamari Bahu Silk Puts Spotlight On Unconventional Jobs Like Dubbing For Actors In Films

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Zee TV will put the spotlight on unconventional jobs and the struggle for acceptance by one’s own family with its upcoming fiction show ‘Hamari Bahu Silk’, premiering on 3rd June and airing every Monday-Friday at 10:30 pm. The new show will replace romantic drama ‘Aapke Aa Jane Se’, which had launched in January 2018.The story revolves around a smart, young middle-class girl Pakhi who has a quirky talent of mimicking voices. Compelled to look for a job and support her family, she chances upon a bold and brazen starlet Natasha, appreciated solely for her looks and rejected for her hoarse voice. Seeing this as an opportunity and driven by her financial circumstances, Pakhi decides to lend her voice and becomes a dubbing artist for sensuous films starring Natasha. She uses her voice to titillate Natasha’s fans and makes her two ends meet in the process.

According to the portal Television Post, Zee TV business head Aparna Bhosle has said, “In the current context, with saturation across the more conventional career choices, more and more of the younger generation has begun to opt for unconventional jobs based on their individual aptitude, leveraging their biggest strengths. And all of that finds social sanction as it should. However, if a woman happens to take on a job that isn’t exactly deemed ‘appropriate’, she finds herself being frowned upon, criticized or mocked at by her own family, friends, and relatives. We believe this throws open an interesting subject for discussion – who is it that should decide what is an appropriate or inappropriate job? The woman herself, or society? What if she has her own reasons behind taking up that job? Should she be answerable to others for her choice? While presenting this subject to the audience, we didn’t want to be too preachy, so Hamari Bahu Silk presents a light-hearted, entertaining take on the issue at our weekday 10:30 pm slot.”

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