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Zero’s Fate Could Have Changed Our Fate Too, Says Shridhar Watsar

Jyothi venkatesh
Shridhar Watsar is currently working in a double role in popular show Bal Veer as Tauba Tauba and Dooba Dooba. The actor who has been part of the first season of Bal Veer is very popular among kids for his portrayal.
Shridhar says,”When I worked in the first season, I received immense love from the audience specially from the kids. I remember when I was in Udaipur for the shooting of Dhadak, people over there recognised me for my role for Bal Veer. When the second season was being conceived, the maker Vipul Shah asked me to continue for the second season as well. Being called for the second season was a special feeling .”
Speaking about his double role Shridhar says,”Playing double role is challenging, Tauba Tauba and Dooba Dooba are completely opposite to each other. One is positive and the other one is negative. There is some special make up as the character needs extra long ear and with that the costume is heavy. Sometime it is tough to carry that costume in the heat for long hours. I have done theatre for long time in my career and that is coming handy in my performance here. An actor needs to do the switch on and off when they are playing a double role.”
Shridhar pointed out an important angle of casting midget actors. He adds,”I am happy that in the last few years people have given me opportunity but what concerns me is the type of character usually a dwarf receives in our industry. I thought Anand L Rai’s Zero will change the perception. When a superstar like Shah Rukh Khan dons the character of a dwarf then acceptance comes in a huge way. Shah Rukh Khan and Anand L Rai can change the perception on us. Zero’s fate could have changed our fate too, but unfortunately the film did not workout and audience rejected the film.” Speaking about his inspiration Shridhar says,”My inspiration is actor  Peter Hayden Dinklage from Game Of Thrones, he has also changed the perception for us. I have followed his work and interviews. He is very inspirational.”