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Abhinandan Jindal’s character Aarav in Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega gets a romantic angle!


Abhinandan Jindal, who plays the role of Aarav in Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega says that this time is very significant for his character. The nature of his character is going to undergo a major transformation as he is in love. “Aarav is very possessive about his sister and protective. He is quite rowdy and like young people, he is rough and tough. So, like he would wear his shirt with and open buttons. Jyothi Venkatesh

He had a tapori look. To change that, they gave me a shirt and pants now. By nature, he is still a possessive and a very righteous guy. The only negative thing about him is that he is short-tempered. His look as an angry young man remains. Only his appearance has changed. In fact. I am wearing my own shirts for the show now.

Abhinandan JindalThe romantic angle is going to start and he will get married also soon,” he says.In fact, the show is about to see a lot of interesting sequences as well. “He is a lover boy now and the transformation was needed these scenes. The first thing is his love for Arushi is visible now. Some Ladkewale come to see Arushi because her mom gets to know that Aarav and Arushi like each other.

Abhinandan JindalWhen the ladkewale come, they are very arrogant and taunt her brother since he is a ghar jamai. Due to his temperament, he jumps over the sofa and goes and hits the boy. He says that, ‘Tu Arushi ko kya reject karega? Woh tujhe kabhi dekhe bhi na!’ His language is like that. Then he drinks with his brother Agastya and even talks in front of his bari ma about his love for Arushi,” he says.

Abhinandan Jindal He adds, “Character-wise the new highlights, romance angle has come and the storyline has changed of the serial. As of now, he is in love and this is the first time, he has changed from being an angry young man. He is going in a new direction. There is a drunkard scene also where he acts up in front of bari ma. He even says stuff in front of Jiju. That will be the highlight of the week.” The new smart look of Abhinandan is something we can’t miss in the show.Abhinandan Jindal