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Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Bade bade dilwaale chhote chhote sitare , tumhara dil kahaa hai ?


We as a nation have faced countless crises during the last 70 years which have shaken up the foundation , we have faced major wars , storms , droughts, famines and epidemics and every time there is one such crisis , the film industry has stood like a one man army and helped the nation to over come these crises – Ali Peter John

But never in the history of modern India have we faced the kind of fear that we have been facing since the last one year and which is growing more and more alarming in recent months .

The pandemic has come like what some call the anger of God and it doesn’t seem like it is going to leave us for some more months to come .

There are many individuals and institutions which are rising to the storm , but what some of the young stars of today have been doing is not only shocking but a shame and a sin .

Millions of Indians from all walks of life , the rich and the poor , the middle class , the lover middle class , the poor , the mazdoor , the farmer and the growing “army” of the educated unemployed are desperately looking for ways of fighting this unexpected war , the politicians are busy making a mockery of it and even making it an issue during the ongoing elections and doctors , nurses and other health workers and scientists are battling it out to discover new vaccines .

But what is the film industry doing to show its solidarity with the suffering millions and even the governments at the centre and in the states ?

Like I said in the beginning , if there was a crisis like this in the 50s and 60s, I am sure stars like Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor Dev Anand and leaders like G P Sippy ( the man who produced “Sholay” for those who still don’t know ) Chandrashekhar, Ram Mohan , David Abraham and their teams would have been fiecerly busy to solve as many problems as they could under the circumstances .

And what are the stars of today doing in these scary circumstances ? Yes , some of them like the Khan’s ,Kumars , Devgns and some others who still had some humanity left in them donated huge sums of money to the various funds and especially the PM Cares Fund, and the only selfless hero of the times was Sonu Sood who made arrangements for lakhs of migrants to reach their homes and found them jobs and looked after all their medical educational and domestic needs .

And no star or celebrties could take inspiration from his good work and on the contrary , they started questioning his motives and his source of income , while he continued his good work and is still doing .

This is the second and more vicious round of the attack of the virus and one expected many more stars to come out to help the victims in any way they could .

And what some of the shining young stars are doing can even make the sky shed tears of blood and make God angry .

The number of cases kept growing and living in the country was growing more and more risky .

And instead of showing their concerns for what was happening in the country, some of the stars of the new generation escaped their responsibilities and went for vacations or holidays in cool and comfortable counties , especially Maldives and our own dear Goa .

They were not only having what they call ” a good time ” but they also had the impunity and the arrogance to put the pictures of their ” good times” on their Instagram and Facebook posts.

They clearly showed that they had not only lost their hearts and heads but had clearly lost their conscience , if they had any .

Did they even have an idea about what their kind of a lifestyle and their daring ways of showing their, daring – baring pictures for millions to see , would have on the minds of people who are already living a disturbed and desperate life ?

Among the rising stars of today and tomorrow who were giving new colours to the swimming pools and other exotic places in Maldives were the very lovey- dovey couple , Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt ( who had tested positive for Covid some weeks ago) Akshay Kumar , and his family who are the favourite human beings of the super human man , Tiger Shroff and his love girl Disha Pattani and a number of others .

Some young celebrities were seen all over the heaven of beaches , Goa . And the actress , Jahnvi Kapoor who is said to have bought an apartment in Juhu facing the sea at a price that has rarely been heard of was in America to catch up with her sister Khushir

I have absolutely nothing to say about these adventures and ascapades of the supersonic jet brigade .

It is their life , their money and their time and they can do what they want. But don’t they have a responsibility to the country and its people who have given them everything and in return is only asking for some honesty , sincerity and dedication and all this is not too much to ask of the young brigade which is flying before learning to fly.

And as expected , the pictures of their good time in Maldives is deservingly going viral on social media and the reaction to them from every class of people , from the well-known writer and columnist Shobha De down to the Shobha in the kitchen and in learned circles should be heard by the stars of tomorrow , because If they don’t listen to these angry voices now , they may have to listen to angrier and wilder voices in the future which will be very bad for them .

I am only making them aware about what they are doing today which can be bad for them and their future .

And if they think or believe that all this is the ravings of an old man going insane , I say , ” cool it , man , cool it before things grow hot for you .