Kirron Kher Birthday Special: I have always loved being a 'housewife'

Well, the one being mentioned here is Kiran Kher, wife of today's most respected character actor Anupam Kher, who suddenly disappeared after appearing in several early TV serials. She had played a major role in her husband's rising career...

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Kirron Kher Birthday Special I have always loved being a 'housewife'
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I don't know why people ignore the small actresses wives of big film actors in the shadow of them, while in the realm of art, it is believed that no artist is big or small in acting.


Naseeruddin Shah (Ratna Pathak), Pankaj Kapoor (Supriya), Ajit Vachhani, Mohan Gokhale, and many other actors' wives are also equally involved in the acting field and they have their own involvement, but the news about the daily routine of this class of wives is never published. Why?

Well, what is being discussed here is about Kiran Kher, the wife of today's most reputed character actor Anupam Kher, who suddenly disappeared after appearing in several initial TV serials. She preferred to watch her husband's rising career from a distance. Today, this actress wife of Anupam Kher is again seen active in the field of serials and theatre. We thought that meeting her would be an interesting thing in itself. For the readers, we went to her house to meet her. When we reached there at the scheduled time, she welcomed us with due respect and said: 'Compared to stars, their housewives have very little to say and listen to, and even if they do, why should the readers give so much importance to what they say?' 


What she said was correct. But what could Kiran Kher have said while being jealous of the fame that Anupam Kher got after marrying her husband? When we asked her to reveal this, she said, 'Tch, tch! Can a wife be jealous of her husband's progress and fame? She is half the sharer in the happiness that comes from his fame. At least I am very happy and emotional about Anu's fame. Sometimes I am surprised at everything happening so quickly, but later I think 'he deserves it'. Whatever he got, he should get all the credit for it...' said Kiran Singh Kher.


But in Hindu philosophy, the success of a husband is also indirectly transferred to the wife. Because she is called Grihalakshmi. The day you came into the life of husband Anupam Kher, he has been blessed. Is this not a miracle of your foot dust?

'Oh! You have put me on such a pedestal as if I am the embodiment of some supreme power. Of course, Anupam Kher's life has changed a lot after our marriage. But I don't see any special contribution of mine in that. Of course, emotionally we have understood each other very well. In each other's case, we have made decisions after thinking everything over. And all the steps have been right', said Kiran Thakur Singh Kher adopting a humble attitude.


We have even heard that Anupam Kher does not take any decision without consulting you. Even which film to accept, and which role he should play, he does not make any decision without consulting you.

She smiled after hearing this. 'Brother, if this happens then what is wrong with it? But he is completely free to make all his decisions. Of course, I do the dress designing for each of his films, as to what kind of clothes he wears for which role. He has definitely entrusted this role to me..' Kiran i.e. Mrs. Anupam Kher said.


But you yourself are a great actress. The public has seen you in various roles in 'Titliyan' and many early TV serials. Why did you suddenly lose interest in acting after marriage?

'I have always been interested in acting. But only when there is a very outstanding role. Otherwise, I prefer to stay at home. At the most, I go out only to the beauty parlor... But these days I am playing the lead role in Delhi's famous theatre director Amal Alana's new play 'Stranger'. Anupam encouraged me to do this role. I have made this attempt after sitting at home for about eight years...' said Kiran Kher.


That means most of the roles you play today are just that of a 'glamorous housewife'?

I have always lived a glamorous life, not just today. In real terms, life is so short that if you start caring for everyone in society, then you are neither here nor there. In real terms, we should care, we should care for those who care for us, this is very important…' When Kiran said this so freely, we could not stop ourselves from asking about her previous marriages and their separation.

She said, 'What is the use of digging up buried stones? People may think anything but I am a woman who firmly believes in the social bondage of marriage but sometimes circumstances become so uncontrollable that we are unable to control everything. The same happened in the relationship between husband and wife after my first marriage! When my first husband Gautam Bairi had relations with another woman, I could not tolerate it. I know that hundreds of women in society have to bear this injustice of their husbands for the sake of their children.' She left the topic in the middle.


And at what point in your life did Mr. Anupam Kher join you?

'I knew Anupam from my theatre days. But as a friend. I never thought that he would become my life partner. In those dark and lonely days, one day I realized that this man is trustworthy. He also helped me a lot in mending my broken life and we got married one day. Then it was a happy story. His 'Saaransh' and 'Karma' started and then he never got a chance to look back...' Kiran Singh Kher was emotional while saying this. We congratulated him and bid him farewell.



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