Birthday Special: The owner's daughter is getting married, sir you are welcome-Randhir Kapoor

The Kapoor family has always been known for its hospitality. His parties have been such an event, that once someone attends it, he can never forget it -  Ali Peter John

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Randhir Kapoor

He has showered all his guests with the kind of affection and love that other big names have tried to imitate, but none have been able to do so except Subhash Ghai, who himself was inspired by Raj Kapoor, and once again Randhir Kapoor, who was a part of the Holi party hosted by Subhash Ghai, had said, " If there is any man after my father Raj Kapoor, who can be called a showman, it is only Subhash Ghai. "Who has been the most humble, truthful, honest, and lovable host, it has always been Randhir Kapoor, who the little boys and girls of the 80s and 90s and the men and women called Dabboo. Randhir said, “ You are now R. We are a part of our family and you are always welcome here ”

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My first brush with Randhir Kapoor's hospitality was at Rishi Kapoor and Neetu's grand wedding reception. I was a newcomer reporter in Screen and my first major assignment was assigned to me to cover this reception. I was very uncomfortable and restless till I reached the gate of RK studio where the reception was held. When I saw the huge crowd outside and saw stars and celebrities taking their posh cars into the studio, I was more nervous. I had almost decided to return through the gate and then I heard Randhir Kapoor calling his name and he asked me to come inside saying that I was his guest of honor. This was something I least expected and was a sign of my presence at the reception where several other journalists were being pushed out by Raj Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor, and other men from the Kapoor family.

Raj Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor and rishi kapoor

I was so intoxicated during the reception that I continued my own celebration at Neelam Hotel Dadar and came back home the very next morning.

And soon after coming to my senses I called up Randhir and thanked him for welcoming me at the entrance, Randhir said, “ You are now R and you are always welcome here and I will always be there to welcome you and make sure you feel comfortable and happy till the end of the party ” That was a feeling I have never experienced before Was.

I used to meet Dabboo regularly at Natraj Studio, the offices of Shanti Sagar and Anand Sagar. He worked for Shanti in the film Aakhri Daku, which was directed by Prakash Mehra and written by a new team of writers, who called themselves Ghala-Bhalla. Ghai was soon called the showman Subhash Ghai.

Randhir had worked with Anand Sagar in his second film ' Humrahi ' and held the Sagar family in high esteem. It was the wedding reception of Shanti Sagar's daughter Sita at the ' Holiday Inn Hotel ' in Juhu and all the most famous celebrities were present in the hall.


But Dabboo stood at the door with folded hands and welcomed all the guests. When I asked him why he was playing the role of host, he replied in his own way, ' Maalik ki daughter ki shaadi hai, hum ko seva toh karni kargi hai nahi ?' And he stood at the entrance and continued to welcome the guests till after midnight, and after the reception was over, he took away his bottle of wine.

I was at Raj Kapoor's funeral and was surrounded by the onlooker crowd I was asking the police to help, and they were not trying to help me, but instead, they called me stupid He was asking me who had invited me for the last rites.

This was when I was really scared and he kept me with him till he handed me over to his friends after that he went to perform the last rites. I could have been crushed in that crowd of mourning had Dabboo not unexpectedly come to my rescue.

I have received a lot of love from Raj Kapoor to his brothers Shammi and Shashi and their families. It was a special screening of the film ' Hina ' which was directed by her after her father passed away.

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He and Rishi R. Had a special screening of the film in K. I was hoping to at least get an invitation to the show but both Dabboo and Rishi personally invited me to my wife Usha and my daughter Swati for the screening and the party was held at Raj Kapoor's bungalow Deonar Cottage And my wife, for whom it was the first big party, was taken care of personally by Dabboo for her and my daughter.

Both the brothers also dropped us till the gate and with their goodness they had also arranged a car to drop us home. Why am I missing these minute details? This is simply because in all my 50 years I have not seen anyone in the industry as hospitable as Kapoor who has treated all his guests with equal love and respect.

I have received a lot of love and respect from every Kapoor from Raj Kapoor to his brothers Shammi and Shashi and their families without any bias and I must say that Dabboo is the best host.


I do not know whether he inherited this gift from his father or not, but wherever and from whomever he has learned it or not, it is true that he is a perfect host, he practices it to perfection. Would have done it.

I have seen Dabboo at his best even when he is drunk, but I have never seen him misbehave with anyone, big or small. On the contrary, he becomes more humble and grateful when he has a few pegs of his favorite Black Label whiskey.

I've never seen him drink beer, vodka, or rum, of which he once said, " It's the drink of those who don't know the value of drinking, drink it, drink it with pride, or at least drink it." Do not insult, this is the most beautiful gift of the gods. ,


Randhir Kapoor During the last ten years he is no longer the former Dabboo Kapoor. R. He had to become a partner with his brothers to sell K's studio and then one after the other, he lost his close and dear ones, and even as he was trying to cope with his sorrows, he Lost his youngest brother Rajiv shortly before and he talks about himself being ' alone ' which is heartbreaking to see.

Luckily for him, his daughters Karishma and Kareena had a small ' Get Together ' with some close family members to celebrate his birthday. I hope they bring back their smile and make them feel happy again.

Mera Naam Joker in 1970

If you ask me he is like his father's masterpiece ' Joker '. He has been laughing even in the face of the toughest odds. But one must try to take away that invisible mask that he has been wearing for years and reveal the real face that is known with all her happy and sad thoughts and see what makes her smile and make her heart laugh. Is there anything good that can be done for what I think his heart is filled with many sorrows?

I am so sad to see that he has to be happy to be happy even when all the truth about him is still hidden behind his invisible mask.

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