Birthday Suman Kalyanpur: I am a housewife first and then a singer

Can you tell which melodious singer has sung the following beautiful songs, the sweetness of whose voice is reflected in thousands of such songs like "Jangal mein bansuri baj rahee hai ya Vasant mein koyal kook rahee hai"

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Birthday Suman Kalyanpur I am a housewife first and then a singer

Can you tell which melodious singer has sung the following beautiful songs, the sweetness of whose voice is reflected in thousands of such songs like "Jangal mein bansuri baj rahee hai ya Vasant mein koyal kook rahee hai"

“na tum hamen jaanon, na ham tumhen jaane magar lagata hai kuchh aisa, mera hamadam mil gaya”, ‘baat ek raat kee’,

“sharaabee-sharaabee ye saavan ka mausam...”, 'noorajahaan'

“paanee mein jale mera gora badan, paanee mein...”, 'muneem jee' “mere mahaboob na ja, aaj kee raat na ja...”, 'noor mahal'

“joohee kee kalee meree laadalee, naajon mein palee meree laadalee”, 'dil ek mandir'

No, no, not Lata Mangeshkar. This is the golden, fragrant, and juicy voice of Suman Kalyanpur. If her name is not announced then people will be under the illusion that it is Lata's voice. The same sweetness, the same elasticity...' Do you also ever feel like this?'

"No, not at all. Whenever I have sung any song and whenever I have listened to my songs, I have felt every moment that this voice is Suman's, every characteristic, every shortcoming of hers is my own. I have always been singing in my voice.”

“But I have been listening to the audience, they have been believing the same thing. One more thing people say to you. You should have changed your voice - if you could do so...”

“What kind of talk do you also talk about? God has given me a voice. If according to you my voice is really like Lata Ji's voice, then how can there be any change in it? As he spared;'s His grace. How can that be changed, by creating comedy or in some other way?”

But the style or the genre could have changed?

“That work is not mine. Belongs to the musician. The composers have been preparing the same tunes, I have sung them in the same style, in the same manner, with full effort, dedication, and hard work...”

“But there are common discussions that you are singing less these days and the reason for this is believed to be film politics, monopolization of the singing field...”

“The first thing is that I am not singing less. If I can sing less than it is due to personal reasons, first I am a housewife and then I am a singer. Thinking about my family, husband, children, guests, family members, friends, etc., my first need is to remain engrossed in them. I came into the field of singing neither with the desire to earn money nor for the sake of competition. Singing is my life, worshiping Goddess Saraswati, and fame automatically gets associated with it. If you get fame, you also get money and respect, but all these are secondary things. The first thing is worship and meditation

Secondly, to date, I have never felt that I had anything to do with monopoly or politics, if it had been so then I would not have been able to sing nearly five thousand songs in 22 years. I started singing in 1958 from the film 'Satta Bazaar' composed under the music direction of Kalyanji-Anandji and have been singing continuously since then.

“The first thing is that in 22 years you have sung very few songs, you have sung fewer songs because I do not believe in quality at all. I do it in quality. I never sang any kind of songs, never even accepted them. Can you tell if I have sung cheap songs, mujra, cabaret, etc.? I have always selected and sung my songs. If I didn't like it, I said 'no'. Storms never arose for work. I believe in destiny. I get as much as is written in my destiny, but I have never worked in bondage. I have said this earlier I never let my career dominate my family life. I turned my attention towards work only after my responsibilities were completed. I did only as much work as I could do as beautifully as possible. All the time I had a pile of work, but from that pile I chose only good and excellent work.”

'Your interviews, discussions, etc. also come rarely.'

“Yes, I am sitting to give an interview to you also after one and a half years, during this one and a half years I have not given a single interview.”


“What is the use of propaganda? People do all these things for publicity, but I believe that the biggest publicity of a person is his work done with dedication and devotion.”

'Well, what are your thoughts about today's film music?'

“Our film music has progressed a lot, day by day it is developing like an ocean. I feel very good about today's music. Not only has it improved technically, but it has also created variations from all over the world. If I talk about myself, earlier my songs used to be very fast. I used to think that I wished I could sing songs at a slower pace with pauses so that I could expand the expressions of the song more as per the lyrics. These days I am singing similar songs. This is what the situations require and these days I am feeling that I have become stronger as per the situations. In today's songs. If you see it in the film, it feels natural. Earlier, a lot of emphasis was given on mercy, today every aspect is given attention.”

'But people's perception is that today's music is just the noise of musical instruments.'

“What do people think? I have expressed what I am experiencing….”

'Then what is the reason that nowadays when songs come in a moving film, people get up, smoke cigarettes, eat paan or go to the urinal, etc?'

“Used to go earlier also. People who do not have anything to understand or enjoy will often do this. They might not be interested in music.”

'And today's young generation, who are fond of old songs, have only records of old songs in their collections, they feel very proud and consider it a symbol of taste...'

Having a lot of records or having so many collections of old songs might give satisfaction to many people, but the common man doesn't do this. If the common man did not take so much interest in modern songs, then the development of songs and music would not have been possible. Man's desire all the time is to get something new, to search for something new."

Whether you all agree with these things of Suman or not, I agree to a large extent, that she is a talented and original singer, she is detached from arrogance, make-up, and appearance, and she is neither concerned with politics nor with meaningless talks, is this surprising. That she neither watches movies nor goes to functions. She is very simple. Yes, she has fans in every part of the world and she has given singing programs in every corner of the world. Even at this time, she is contracted for many films and private records of her bhajans, ghazals, and songs have also been made and she has also earned equal popularity.




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