Sadashiv Amrapurkar Birth Anniversary: Education Endures Despite Loss

Sadashiv Amrapurkar's introduction is no longer a matter of interest to anyone. Any artist needs a 'hit' film to make his mark. After watching that film, the audience can remember the name of that character...

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Sadashiv Amrapurkar
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Sadashiv Amrapurkar's introduction is no longer a matter of interest to anyone. Any artist needs a 'hit' film to make his mark. After watching that film, the audience can remember the name of that character. Yes, the queen of the film 'Sadak'. This name gave Sadashiv Amrapurkar a position that he could not achieve by working in many films. For the role of Maharani in the film 'Sadak', did she go to eunuchs and take training from them? When I asked him this question, he said.


'No, I did not feel any need to go to eunuchs and take training from them. Because I had earlier done a 'play' on the lives of eunuchs. That 'play' had all the things that were there in the character of Maharani in the film 'Sadak'. The second thing was that in my childhood, I understood a eunuch very closely in my village. I remembered his mannerisms, the way he talked, the way he walked, the way he asked for money at the time of marriage or having a child. All these things came in handy for me in the film 'Sadak'. From this character, I got the name that today children, young and old know as Maharani.

'Today you have become such a busy actor after the film 'Sadak', yet how do you find time for 'theatre'?

'Every person takes time for his happiness and comfort. Similarly, I find time to work in 'theatre' for my pleasure. And a film can never give me that happiness. For this happiness, I will continue to work in 'theatre' for free, no matter how much money the films throw at me. The second important thing is that 'theatre' should not be considered only as a means of entertainment. It has a wide reach and can also be used for social reform. As a director or actors, we can choose such plays that give some message to society. The play I am doing these days is based on the biography of 'Helen Keller'. This play is about the improvement of children. If any person, after watching such a play, learns something from it and puts it into practice, then I will consider my work successful. And this is the reason why I want to give a message to the people through 'theatre'.


'You can convey the message to millions of people even through films. Then why don't you make such films?

'See, a 'drama' is done with a small amount whereas lakhs of rupees are required to make a film. The second thing is that we artists are servants of the producer on the set. If I refuse to work in that film, the producer will replace me with someone else. Secondly, today producers are afraid of making such films, because today the audience likes action, sexy songs, etc. That's why the producer wants to make a film that can be sold rather than having to sit at home and watch the film himself. The day a producer comes with such an offer that can improve society, I will work on that film for 'free'.

'After getting time off from shooting and theatre, how do you spend your precious time?'

'I have many friends who are involved in some social reform work and are making efforts in that direction, so I spend my time helping them. At that time my soul feels such peace that I cannot explain.


'What would you do if you were made Prime Minister for a day?'

'What can we say about something that cannot happen?'

'Based on imagination, if you are made the Prime Minister for a day, then what reforms will you bring the society?'

'First of all, I will make arrangements for electricity, school, dispensary, and government buses in the village. After that, I will go to the villages and explain to the people that 'education' is the means to remove human poverty. After getting an education a person can fight for his rights. One can get the best job and the most important thing is that everything can be taken away from a person, not his education. Maybe in that one day I will be able to explain to my countrymen who are illiterate how important it is to study.


'If you think so well then it must be that you read good literature. Would you like to tell me about that literatures?

'I read such books which are literary in nature and whose language is of high quality. I often read books published by Sahitya Akademi.



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