Sushma Seth Birthday Special: Embracing New Experiences

It is a well-known notion that the life of budding TV stars is only till the time they are seen on the screen. They keep entertaining millions of viewers every week. After that, no one remembers them...

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Sushma Seth Birthday Special Embracing New Experiences
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It has become a well-known belief that the life of budding TV stars is only till the time they are seen on the screen. They keep entertaining millions of viewers every week. After them, neither Ranjani nor Karamchand is remembered, yet we can say with conviction that hardly anyone has forgotten the grandmother of India's first opera 'Hum Log'. The role of a typical middle-class North Indian elderly woman, which this actress named Sushma Seth had given life, had such a touch of realism and sweetness in her character that at the end of 'Hum Log' when the director wanted to kill her by making her a cancer patient, millions of TV lovers opposed his decision. They had started loving grandmother so much that even in falsehood they did not want the death of this character.

Why only TV serials, Sushma Seth have played such roles in 'Janoon' and B.R. Chopra's film 'Tabayf' that she has gained equal fame in films as well. She is a leading character actress. When she is shooting for Shashi Kapoor's film 'Ajooba' in a remote area of ​​Bombay, a national park, we find her alone on the shore of a lake in a moment of solitude and offer her a conversation, she says, why not start now. Rather, we were not ready to talk immediately, so we quickly started the conversation and asked her. Now she is never seen in TV serials. Was her desire satiated after 'Humlog' and is she now dedicated only to the film medium?

She smiled and said, "I am not interested in working in TV serials anymore. Don't take it to mean that TV media is inferior to films, but after my role in 'Humlog', I don't think there is much left to do in acting. Anyway, I don't have time for films. Mostly I come to Bombay to do films and then return to Delhi. Since most of the TV serials are made in Bombay, I don't want to waste any more of my time in Bombay for them." Sushma ji said.

Is there any special reason why you like staying in Delhi despite being so busy?

'Delhi is a different thing. I don't feel like staying in Bombay. As long as I am busy with work, it is fine, but then I start feeling homesick and run away to Delhi.' she said.

It seems like you are very attached to your home and family like the grandmother of 'Hum Log'? Who are there in the family?

'Of course! I am very fond of my family. My husband is a senior executive in Modi Enterprises. My elder son is settled in Calcutta. I have two daughters.'

Are your daughters also interested in acting like you?

'Yes, my daughter Divya was the middle one among us, she is very interested in dramas etc. Like me, she is also fond of observing and understanding the developments happening in theatre. He informed.

After 'Hum Log', his daughter tried a lot in Bombay to get a break in films but she could not get any role. We asked her about this. Divya had a great desire to get work in films...but

'Yes, she could not get any positive response here and she went back to Delhi'... he said briefly.

You are basically a stage actress and you entered films through TV. Which of the three mediums do you find most satisfying?

'To be honest, acting is a source of satisfaction for me. No matter what the medium is, it doesn't make much difference to me. I adjust myself accordingly.'.... Sushma said.

Don't you have a desire to play a particular type of role in films that you have been trying to play for years and here, because of the hassle of 'stereotype' roles, you are not getting the opportunity to play that role?

No, I have played almost all kinds of roles on stage. Not just me, everyone who knows me knows that I can play any kind of role. Whatever they offer me in films is their judgement and I don't want to struggle with it. Yes, sometimes I definitely want to add some extra color to those roles. Here in films, only two kinds of characters are popular, either completely black or pure white. I want a character in between the two, it would be so good. I try with many directors. If someone understands me, it is fine. If they don't, I make my understanding according to their understanding and move ahead,' said Sushma ji.

Do you find the directors of commercial Hindi films inferior and insignificant in any respect to the directors of theatre?

'No, those who feel so after watching his films are wrong. Hindi film directors are no less intellectual than anyone else. Knowing everything, they resort to some gimmicks and clichés for the entertainment of the general public. They always think of the front benchers. They make films by making compromises according to their understanding. If they make films on an intellectual level. If they make films on an intellectual level, then perhaps they will be able to make only one film in their life, said Sushma Seth smiling.

Yet, you entered films with Shyam Benegal's film 'Junoon'. Don't you expect to get an amazing role in art films?

'After all how long should we wait thinking that if we get a good role then we will do it. It may take two to four years, if such a role comes then who knows I may get it at that time, hence the right policy is to move ahead. Now see, I did get a good role in 'Tabayf' among the commercial films'... Sushma ji expressed her opinion.

Why did you turn away from theatre even though you follow it from the bottom of your heart?

'Lack of time- I still love theatre as much and respect the art as much, but it is not possible for me to spend four to five weeks continuously on stage for rehearsals, etc.'... Sushma said.

What new role have you found in Shashi Kapoor's film 'Ajooba' which you are busy shooting? Will you tell us something about this role?

'When I was told the role of 'Ajooba', I found it very exciting. I am the heroine's mother in it. Because 'Ajooba' is a fantasy film. I have got an opportunity to experience something new. I give birth to my daughter in a jungle amidst dangerous animals. The animals welcome me, take care of me and protect me'... Sushma ji told in brief.

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